Ebs: Never Say Never Again: New England Patriots Edition

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FROM THE PRESS BOX – Never again.

As a Buffalo Bills fan, it pains me to write this but, never again am I going to bet against the New England Patriots. At least for as long as Tom Brady is their quarterback.

After watching the Patriots limp to the playoffs, I felt pretty good about the Los Angeles Chargers marching into New England and taking a W.

(Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images)

Heck, a handful of my latest hot takes were centered around the Patriots not making it out of the divisional round.

Sure, the Chargers were playing on the east coast for the second straight week, but they had the offense to put up a ton of points and defense that should have held Brady & Co. at bay.

Boy, was I wrong. This was a completely different Patriots squad than we saw much of the regular season. The running game was firing on all cylinders and Brady picked apart Los Angeles’ zone defense.

The blowout was something I didn’t see coming at all. A close win for New England? Sure. A blowout? No way.

I’d like to make some daring hot take now how the Kansas City Chiefs are going to blowout New England on Sunday, just like they did the Indianapolis Colts last weekend, but I can’t. I just can’t.

It doesn’t matter how talented and dynamic the Chiefs offense is. Bill Belichick will find out some way to stop them. Not to mention, that Kansas City defense is hot garbage (aside from whatever we saw in the divisional round).

Our only hope? The New Orleans Saints.

Led by Drew Brees, the Saints are one offense that Belichick might not be able to shut down completely. They’re too dynamic. And that defense is good too.

The Saints are a veteran group who have been there before. The moment won’t be too big for them.

But hey, I still wouldn’t be comfortable taking New Orleans over New England in the Super Bowl. But we shall see.

By the way, how about Monday’s win at Duke by the Syracuse men’s basketball team? That’s a resume builder right there.

The Orange are going to be a tough out come March.

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