MLB Hot Stove: What Are The Yankees Waiting For? Manny Machado, Bryce Harper


SPANISH HARLEM – I could write about the Philadelphia Eagles and how winnable that game was. I won’t do that because it will only drive me crazy. Instead, I will bring up something else that bothers me…

For years now, this offseason has been linked to Manny Machado and Bryce Harper. And for good reason, two generational stars on the open market. Yet here we are, with the New York Yankees not even a player for either star. What has this world come to?

It’s difficult for me to even talk about. This is not the Yankees I have come to know and love. I won’t sit here and talk about the George Steinbrenner Yankees because I don’t want to talk about the past, but I will offer this: When have bad contracts ever hindered the Yankees from making moves to improve the team?


I find myself asking this question because you have two of the best players in baseball available and no word from the Yankees about a possible offer. So far this offseason, the biggest names in the game have not received a contract offer. Call it being “coy” or whatever you may think, I call it dumb. I get losing Patrick Corbin because you didn’t think he deserved the money. But you paid JA Happ a ton of money because it was less of a commitment.

You trade for Giancarlo Stanton, who had more than a 10-year contract from the Florida Marlins, but won’t sign either Machado or Harper to similar deals. Am I missing something or am I crazy? When the hell in this world did the Yankees become picky?

Help me here Ben Whitney. Aren’t you surprised that the Yankees haven’t even offered anyone of note… a contract? Are we telling agents, hey see what you can get and get back to us, then decline to even make an offer? That seems suspect to me and not the way I have known the Yankees to conduct business. Fans have waited for this offseason as one that would add the missing pieces and here we are, waiting for nothing. They won’t sign Harper and they won’t sign Machado and they will go into the season with one new starting pitcher.

Definitely not the offseason to remember. It’s actually kinda sad and leaves me asking the dreaded question… are we better than the Boston Red Sox?

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