Tom Seaver, Matthew Boyd, Michael Bennett, NCAA Must Pay

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS: So, the little one is healing. I had an insane week of work and writing for our sister site. I really should find a part-time that pays, put I feel like working for MTM Inc is like one of those companies that will eventually give you an employee stock options. Anyway, today we will discuss: Tom Seaver, Matthew Boyd, Michael Bennett And NCAA Must Pay.

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Tom Seaver: I first want to say, if it felt like a punch in the stomach to us fans – it must have felt like a kick in the nuts to his family. My heart goes out to them. Watching someone you love lose their mind and die spiritually and mentally in front of you, must be absolutely brutal. As fans it is weird, especially for older fans that were kids and that looked up to him. Or guys like me who, when I became a Mets fans, Seaver was a nailed-on-legend who walked on water. Anyway, I just feel sad. We are all getting old and Father Time is undefeated. That is all that can be said, really. I wish him and his family the best.

Matthew Boyd: Yeah, I never heard of him either. Apparently he is a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. He is traveling the globe, currently in Uganda, lending his hand to help end sexual slavery. As Robert Kraft’s arrest two weeks ago shows, we are a long way from winning that fight but that doesn’t mean we don’t keep fighting. It is always nice to hear pro athlete not being self-absorbed and trying to make the world a better place.

Michael Bennett: So Buddy Diaz’s Philadelphia Eagles are looking to trade a top level defensive end to the New England Patriots. The loud sound you heard is the rest of the league, especially the AFC East, massively groaning. This is crazy, as the Patriots don’t need to get better. They do need to improve their D-line, though, as they will be losing 3 players this off-season. But at this point I can’t even be mad about it. The Pats have a philosophy of signing players that are handfuls elsewhere and making them work. How will Belichick deal with a socially conscious and active member of the community will be interesting. But I don’t doubt they will find a way to make it work. I would love if it backfired though.

NCAA Must Pay: A judge said the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s rules regarding compensation violate federal antitrust law and athletes may be compensated for education-related expenses beyond current caps. Ha ha!!! I love the idea of the NCAA coughing up more money so, this is absolutely brilliant. You will get no sympathy from me about the NCAA being a organized crime family and I am glad to see them have to pay more.

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