Mother’s Day Special: Four Famous Sports Moms

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NEW YORK, NY – Sure, the Biblical rains that continue their consecutive Sunday saturation streak here in the northeast are making for a messy Mother’s Day, but they can’t dampen our spirit/resolve to bring you entertaining sport(s) content! And since obstacles are the Mother’s of all invention, we will pull up our support hose and have at it, soggy keyboard and all. Thus, here’s a Mother’s Day Special: Famous Sports Moms… that were Sports Stars too.

AnnMaria de Mars after winning World Judo Championships in 1984.(Instagram/RondaRousey)

Ronda Rousey: We tend to focus on a star athlete’s failures, rather than their successes. And nobody is more prone to that slight and dismissal of a job well done than the fetching Rousey. She worked hard at work that had getting punched in the nose and/or kicked in the temple clearly outlined in the job description. Yet she also had what the majority of us don’t have; good genes. AnnMaria DeMars, gave her those. Mama DeMars, a Judo champ, is also razor sharp in the Smarts Department. She started college at 16, earned a MBA, M.A., and PH. D. and won U.S. Senior Nationals, U.S. Collegiate Nationals. U.S. Judo Open and World Judo Championships. She can kick your soft, saggy ass and outsmart you in the process.

TMZ Sports via Instagram. Click for Link

Odell Beckham, Jr: His hands are his moneymakers and they are from Mama Bear, who allegedly has a huge pair of paws. But that’s not all Heather Van Norman gave the King of Cleveland (throne vacated by LeBron). HVN was a 6-time Collegiate All-American for the LSU Tigers in Track & Field. She led them to 5 National titles. Is it a bit confusing on how someone can win five or six titles in what is supposed to be a 4-year eligibility period? You betcha. But that’s a whole other story for the likes of JG Clancy, Damner of NCAA Hypocrisy!

Alex Ovechkin: Without question, Alex became one of our all-time favorite athletes after his drunken week frolicking in fountains with the Stanley Cup. But he didn’t become one of the world’s best hockey players without the DNA passed down to him by mother Tatyana. Mama O could very easily be know as Mama Olympics, as she won two gold medals as one of the best Russian hoops players ever. She was a point guard, and her bouncing baby boy is pretty good from there on ice – and pretty much anywhere else on a frozen sheet. P.s… Her Olympic teams never lost an international match.

Jayson Werth: Werth made a ton of cash in 15+ MLB season and has great hair. But his gene pool was overflowing. Mom Kim Schofield was a sprinter and long-jumper that made it to Olympic trials. Her dad, Ducky and brother Dick, were both Major Leaguers. His dad wasn’t exactly a slacker, either. Pops held Illinois receiving records and was also in the Cards farm system. That’s just not a fair DNA distribution. It’s downright… wait for it… un-Werthy of them.

That’s it for now. Please leave your thoughts below, and have a Happy Mother’s Day! Remember, we’d have no sports if we didn’t have mothers.

Look for Cheesy Bruin, tomorrow.


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