As Luck Would Have It, Eli Manning to Colts? Cold Mets Heating Up?

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Yet another week where going last sucks, as few events popped in my head! But I had to wait to post… Here is what I am serving up: Andrew Luck, Manning to Colts and Cooling Mets.

Cooling Mets:  Just as the Amazins were starting to heat up, they cooled off in a big way. They got swept by the Atlanta Braves and Chicago Cubs, before finally getting a W in Philly last night. So, though they are still in the Wild Card hunt (precariously), they picked a wrong time to fizzle.  Granted, I expected it to end in heartbreak but I expected a  it to be in the final regular season game, staring at a curveball for the final strike. This is too early in the second half of the season for the collapse to happen. I hope they get it together to break our hearts later.

Speaking of heartbreak…

Andrew Luck: Football is a the sport that eats its young. I have no problem with Luck retiring and I commend the Colts for not suing to get his roster bonus. I will say, though, he tried too hard. We all know the feeling when our body isn’t right but we think we can play injured – somehow we will just will ourselves. Then you get closer to the game and you have doubt but finally it is time and you know in your heart, you are not playing hurt, you are playing injured and you’re a liability. So, with a heavy heart you say you can’t go. Luck had to do that for his team and give up his career. That is not easy. My only objection was he should have made the decision before the draft or before the start of the preseason, so the Colts could make trades or drafted a ready replacement. That is my only objection and it is a key part of the poor reaction and behavior by some Colts fans.

Eli_Manning, Andrew_Luck, Peyton_Manning, Meet_The_Matts, Junoir_Blaber

Manning to Colts: It maybe too late for this trade to happen but it should. Eli Manning is is a sacrificial lamb this season. He is just holding the seat warm so he can be replaced by the guy with the ordinary name and the extraordinary game in Daniel Jones. So why not send him to Indy where for two season he could be the stop gap? Indy has to survive this season, then draft the top QB in the draft. The team isn’t perfect and not much better than the Giants but Eli would be allowed to be the undisputed #1 on the team and play out his career as he sees fit and not pushed off the stage.

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