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BLOOMINGBURG, NYThanksgiving is days away. It’s a time for indulging. Okay, overindulging. I’m gonna try and do my part for you degenerate gamblers and give you an extra helping of so-so advice on how to handle this week’s menu of games. Mets-Frazier-Frustration, Thanksgiving Turkeys in Sports, Meet_The_MattsWe here at MTM are thankful for the people who visit our site regularly and I have lots to be thankful for not just on this holiday but for most of my life as I’ve been playing with house money for quite some time. Let’s spend some of that equity on the following Cheesy Bruin’s FREE NFL Picks:

FAVORITES Chicago is the Cleveland of the NFC. What does that exactly mean? For starters, you have two teams that haven’t nearly lived up to the lofty expectations many had for both. There’s also the regression of two young quarterbacks in Mitch Trubisky and Baker Mayfield. Chicago sucks but today’s visitors to Soldier Field suck even more. Danny Dimes (insert laughter here) and Big Blew are 2-8 and ride a six-game slide with no relief in sight. The Giants can’t stop the bleeding nor anyone on defense – not even a stagnant bunch like Da Bears. The Pick? CHICAGO -6 over New York Giants

The second helping of favorite is brought to you by the New Orleans Saints. I just get the feeling that there’s an explosion coming from the heavy weapons down in The Big Easy with the Carolina Panthers defense playing patsy to Brees, Thomas, and Kamara. The bloom is off the rose that is Cats QB Kyle Allen, who has lost 3 of the last 4 in a league where they go to school quickly on you. The Pick? NEW ORLEANS -10 over Carolina

UNDERDOGS The Buffalo Bills are a fraud at 7-3 as they haven’t beaten a team above .500 so far. They’ve had some close calls against really bad teams and that offense isn’t scaring anybody. Speaking of close calls, the Denver Broncos have been a hard luck bunch this year losing four games by four points or less. Anger becomes part of frustration and if channeled correctly morphs into motivation. An outright win smothered with gravy. The Pick? Denver +4 over BUFFALO

More meat? How about the Cowboys? They’ve been much maligned for their own lack of victory verses a winning team but that may change today and I’ll certainly take the points Vegas is putting on the plate. This could be the signature win that propels Dallas similar to the win in New Orleans last year about this same time of year. The Pick? Dallas +6 over NEW ENGLAND




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