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SUBURBIA, NJ – Happy All Saints Day to my faithful fans. Today I’m here to share my recipe for the perfect hangover special, it must have cheese and egg… Okay, I kid I kid. Instead, I’m here to talk about recipes for success in sports and how my teams refuse to ever read the manual on this.

First off watch what the champions do and do your best to emulate. Let’s take the newly crowned breast of the baseball world, err I mean best of the baseball world Washington Expos. The New York Metropolitans are not too far removed from what Washington has. They have strong starting pitching and a good young core, but here is where they differ. The Nats got themselves a real centerfielder and real catcher and play good defense. The Mets cannot ever capitalize on the strength of the team when they insist on employing a offense minded catcher and play square pegs in centerfield. This needs to be addressed immediately. They obviously don’t read this column because no one does or they would have made a move for new manager and gone after the big fish. So this is falling on deaf ears while the management of the Mets waits months to select the night manager at Denny’s to man the top step of the dugout. However I will keep trying. GET A CENTERFIELDER and a CATCHER. Since Brodie Von Helsing loves to make the big trade try this: get Mookie Betts, if you can’t pry him get Sterling Marte, whatever you do don’t trot out Conforto and Nimmo out there. Instead package one of them– I’d prefer it be Nimmo and maybe Steven Matz. Whatever you do DON’T attempt to convert a shortstop, it didn’t work with Juan Samuel and it won’t work now. Then build on the strength of this team, pitching. Washington had Sherzer and Strasburg and the ADDED Corbin. Who won game seven for them? oh yeah CORBIN! Mets: go after the big fish here and outbid the Yankees and Angels for Strasburg or Cole. Yeah yeah the payroll will go up but do you want to win? Do you want to sell tickets? Then do it. Lastly get a defensive catcher and get as much in the bullpen as you can. Listen if you win one World Series the fans will forgive all the past transgressions and pack the park for years. Shut up and do it.

In other areas the Giants seemed to continue to operate on the clueless level trading away picks for Leonard Williams to help move them into a worse draft position instead of holding out to sign him in the offseason. Please, stop Gettleman… Please, someone stop him.

That’s it for now, enjoy stealing your kids candy and come back tomorrow for DIFFERENT MATT

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