Suspend This! To-Do List for Sports Fans During Coronavirus Lockdown

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MEDICAL TENT, ANTARCTICA – The NBA is suspended indefinitely, The NCAA tournament will be not be played. Short Matt’s Major League Rugby suspended matches for a month after Buddy Diaz jinked jinxed them yesterday. And as I type, the NHL has suspended its season and MLB has suspended the remaining spring training games and at least the first two weeks of the season.. Will this site be suspended? If there are no sports to talk about, this forum runs the risk of devolving into a discussion thread about rock drummers, JG Clancy recipes and Trader Joe’s products. Or… Do we do the right thing, sit in total isolation and catch up on all shows clogging our DVR’s because all we do is watch sports instead? What will we do now as our pastimes are being stolen from us will define our collective legacy forever. There is no escape from the inescapable. What are we gonna do? Well, here are some ideas:

BINGE-WATCH NETFLIX SHOWS: I have never been a fan of binge-watching. It generally takes the fun out of a show for me and just overloads my brain with something I like until it becomes unpleasant and something I don’t like. so not such a great idea

Meet_The_Matts, Coronavirus, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Peaky Blinders, Ballers, Trevor_Herrick

READ BOOKS: This is a good one and I recommend it highly. Of course I won’t be following my own advice and instead will read the news and drive myself more insane.

LEARN TO PLAY AN INSTRUMENT: This is a solid plan if you have no one interrupting you and no one around who will be annoyed by listening to the cacophony you create while perfecting your craft. The skin flute doesn’t count.

WRITE A BOOK: Well this one will definitely occupy your time but its not an easy feat. Maybe a scrapbook is more realistic challenge.

HELP OTHERS: Okay, okay… let’s not get crazy here.

BE WITH YOUR KIDS: Play with them. Teach them stuff. Play catch. Ride bikes. Fly kites. Just don’t be anywhere near other people… or kids. They are germ factories.

WATCH RUGBY WRAP UP: *Management put this one in. It’s free. It’s fast-paced and you’ll understand 90%.

Oh boy… This list is getting depressing to write.

WAIT! I got it! come up with a cure for Coronavirus so we can all watch sports again and you won’t have to be subjected to columns like this one. I am very curious to see what Stephen A and Max Kellerman have to talk about tomorrow. Will they also have a list of options while the sports are away? EUREKA! That’s it! I’ve found the answer… watch the other sports pundits squirm to fill airtime with absolutely nothing to talk about. This should be a joy. I can’t wait.

Add your suggestions below and come back tomorrow for who-knows-what from a man that survived Swine Flu and rugby… Short Matt.

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