The Only Two Things To Look Forward To In Sports: Terrell Owens & Jaden McDaniels?

Jaden McDaniels, Terrell Owens, Eagles, Knicks, NBA Draft, Meet_The_Matts, Coronavirus, Buddy_Diaz

SPANISH HARLEM – When you read the news, the world is undecided when sports will start up again. It seems half the people believe that there will be games at some point this year, while the other half don’t see anything happening until next year at the earliest. I won’t lie, it has been difficult to write about sports because the news is limited and every surrounding topic is geared toward how Covid-19 has affected and will continue to effect sports in the near future.

I’m sure most people in the world have more significant things on their mind than sports but it does give me something else to think about when the news seems bleak. Most Wednesdays, I scratch my head looking to write about something with somewhat of an original angle. There not much to go on unless you want to talk about the remaining NFL Free Agents. It hasn’t been easy and it will only get tougher the longer we go without sports.

With that said, below are the 2 things that I am looking forward to in the sports world:

NFL Draft

The biggest sport in America will hold their draft next Thursday and as an Philadelphia Eagles fan, I don’t have to worry about anyone on this site giving their take on what the team will do. At least for another week, I have something to dig into and hope to have some cool stiff to write about for the 2 or 3 Eagles fans on here that care as much as I do. I won’t call myself an expert but I do like to read mock drafts and look at who they have Philly taking, then researching that player to read what the scouts see and how they impact my team. Philly has a few holes to fill but none more glaring than Wide Receiver.

Jaden McDaniels, Terrell Owens, Eagles, Knicks, NBA Draft, Meet_The_Matts, Coronavirus, Buddy_Diaz


NBA Lottery

At the moment, nobody knows when the NBA Draft will take place. There is talk that it will be pushed back and that seems like a safe bet but they can definitely hold the draft lottery so teams can know where they are picking. Having the lottery set will allow teams to evaluate the players they are most likely see and draft,  It has become an annual custom for New York Knicks to pray for the number one pick and this year is no different – even with it being a without a clear cut #1 pick.

Especially in a weak draft, it helps to have the first pick because you get to see/workout the best players  and have the opportunity to pick the player with the highest upside. The Knicks need all the help they can get so the draft is important since they haven’t been able to bring in any top talent via free agency. This team needs a little luck for sure and maybe this draft can surprise people in terms of talent. Hopefully, they will draft a player or two that will change the culture and make them cool again.

Let me know in the comments. Who you want the Knicks to draft and why? That is if there are any Knick fans out there.

Stay Safe Everyone and come back tomorrow for Different Matt.

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