Big Ben: Astros Can’t Hit Without Stealing Signs, Red Sox Pitching Woes, Isles Try to Steal Stanley Cup

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STAMFORD, CT –  MLB could have easily pulled the plug on the season when Marlins and Cardinals were testing positive right and left. But kudos to them for sticking to the plan and pressing on. There is a lot to like in this weird season, including some Struggling ‘Stros and Sucking Sox. And as a hockey side note, can the sneaky Isles steal a Cup?

Houston Horrors

When a surprise hurricane knocked out my power for a week and cable/internet for going on three weeks, I was as mad as an Astro trying to hit without knowing what’s coming. Jose Altuve and George Springer are hitting .184 and .193 with 5 and 4 extra base hits, respectively. Clint Frazier had more extras than both of them in 3 games. I wouldn’t be surprised if these two cheaters opted out. Don’t let the door hit you in the sign stealing device in your shoulder on the way out.
Was the sign stealing helping that much? Or maybe the Amed Rosario-esque averages are from the pressure that comes with being cold busted and the fear the next pitch might be coming at your grill.

Why give them the benefit of the doubt? Cheating Altuve knew that Chapman slider was coming.

Boston Batting Practice Pitchers

Continuing with the theme of things that are pleasing to me, ESPN posted a stat showing the Red Sox staff had given up 124 earned runs in 20 games going into Sunday. Well, Pedro Martinez gave up 122 earned runs in THREE seasons from 1999-2001. Man, I haven’t seen this many crooked numbers since I audited Trump University.

Former OF Mookie Betts also has a better batting average at .314 than the Sox’s winning percentage of .273.

Ouch and ouch. Man, suddenly it seems like they could suck for a looooong while.

Ben_Whitney, Islanders, Astros, Mathew Barzal Jose Altuve, Amed Rosario, Mets, Yankees, Red Sox, Meet_The_Matts

A Side Trip to Strong Island

The NHL restart after a four month break was always going to be a total crapshoot. The regular season means little and anyone who catches fire can take it.

The Rangers were not that team. But what about the Islanders? The Isles have their foot on the necks of the Caps and are about to move into the semis. Maybe a well-coached team that plays a simple, defensive minded system has a decent shot in this format. It might take the highly skilled teams a little time to get everything clicking. The Isles have one player with world class skill in Matthew Barzal and a bunch of effort, grinder types. That kind of game doesn’t need as much fine tuning.

There are some tough teams on the road ahead, though. One thing is certain; they would be the first #9 seed to win a title. Maybe in any sport.

That’s it for me. Come back tomorrow for a guy who thinks Amed Rosario could hit .225 if he knew what was coming, Angry Ward.

P.s… Sorry for the delay, power issues still lingering.

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