Sports Rain Man: No College Football, COVID Cards Folding MLB Season, NBA Playoffs

Cam James and fellow Die Hard St Louis sports fans.

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday... Here we are after enjoying another weekend of sports… in some Covid version. These renditions suck but they are the best we got until things get back to normal. I hear the over/under is 2 years for that.   Anyway, here is what is on deck for today:  No College Football, COVID Cards Folding MLB Season, NBA Playoffs.

No College Football

It’s apparently just dawned on college football leaders that there may be no college football season. I don’t know why it took them so long to figure this out. It was very clear to everybody that this thing was never going to happen because these people are supposed to college students. If you can’t open up colleges and bring back students, how can you have sports come back? I am not naive. Yes, we know that these guys are almost professionals. Yeah, it’s just a scam but for the sake of appearances they have to do something. Now you have questions about how schools can open, while adding the impossible tasks of keeping these players healthy and instantly tested. This is very expensive. Some schools that may be rich – like an Alabama – can afford this but an Alabama-Huntsville can’t. You do have to ask that question. If you do, you can clearly see it is not going to happen! You can’t pretend these kids are pros and say you’ll pay them properly when they graduate. It’s just crazy.

Cam James and fellow Die Hard St Louis COVID Cards fans.

COVID Cards Folding MLB Season?

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “In terms of when we’re going to get back on the field and get back to baseball, I just don’t know,” said John Mozeliak, St. Louis president of baseball operations. “I’m not going to guess. Allow a few days to come and go and then we’ll reassess. Not having experience on how to truly isolate it and prevent it from spending we’re learning as we go. I wish I had better answers. I wish I had something firm. But I don’t at this time.”

Wow! Why are the Cardinals apparently being so bad at doing testing? They have a large number of positives stuck as shut-ins. I don’t know what’s going on with the team or the city of St. Louis but you have to wonder if the baseball season will finish. There are murmurs about pulling the Cards from the season. These guys keep testing positive. Does it serve anyone to keep plugging random players? It just doesn’t look good in the long haul. I hope they can figure it out and return but I’m not banking on it. Cam James will be bummed. Read this.

NBA Playoffs

I’m curious to see how this will work. I just don’t feel any of these teams have hit their stride. But you know you can’t count out LeBron becasue in a knockout tournament you need somebody to carry the team, King James has shown me he can despite all the pressure. The Milwaukee Bucks can offer something and maybe the LA Clippers but I don’t know… I don’t anyone beating Lakers.

Ravens cheerleader Lexy S. working in front line of the #Coronavirus pandemic as a full-time emergency room nurse. CLICK

Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for the James Patrick of this site, Big Ben Whitney. But first, feel free to comment below.

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