Grinding Ax Edition: New Look NFL, Same Old LeBron

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MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ – With much vitriol and political utterances forcibly served up to football fans, the NFL attempts to placate it’s card-carrying members while biting their nails, hoping that we hang around.  Can college football and hoops get here any faster?

Photo: Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images)

While the verdict on how much the league will lose must wait until season ticket renewals, we have already witnessed a new look between the smoke screen of political correctness. The Sofi and Allegiant Stadiums rival Jerry’s Big Top Texas Hoedown with futuristic looks.  The Raiders, Chargers and Rams are banking on luring hardcore fans along with wealthy disingenuous narcissistic celebrities to “hang” at these new digs. This is on hold until Napoleon Fauci flips the switch, allowing us to move about the country once again. 

There’s A New Look in the NFL

With all of this going on, the league is taking on a new look. The old power brokers are slowly being replaced by sleeker models. Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Big Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers and Philip Rivers have carried the league for two decades.  They are being replaced by more athletic, Ferrari-like shot callers with big arms and speed that kill defensive coordinators. Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Kyler Murray and Joe Burrow are exciting additions that may have looked one-dimensional or lacking to some but are proving they aren’t. There is no denying that this is where the league is headed. New rules protecting QBs and their receivers have changed the game forever. The days of the drop-back passer are gone. Yes, the new NFL favors offenses but it actually hurts the income potential of running backs.  Zeke Elliott broke the bank last year but sane owners and GMs  realize that their are always replacements waiting to carry the rock for less.

How will the Giants handle Saquon’s next deal?

Is he scared of the police?

To the hardcourt…

LeBron James has been called out.  The “King” remains silent regarding the ambush of two Sheriff Department officers. This is not about donating money to the reward fund to find and convict the little scumbag who snuck up to the police car and opened fire on two young officers, one a mother. It’s about being a true leader who speaks out on all issues – not just ones that divide. I’m not surprised at the sounds of crickets from the Greatest Poser in Basketball history. James also refused to comment on Nike and China. The King not named Lundqvist is a hypocrite.

Join in the discussion and by all means come back tomorrow for the sage and often-alcohol-induced predictions from the Great Cheesy Bruin.

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