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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday! Cling to that happiness as I think – and you likely do, too – that we are heading for a shutdown again. If it needs to happen I am fine with it. It will make for more time to write, but we all know I will still wait ’til early Monday morning. Management loves that… Anyway, here are today’s topics: NFL Recap and Soccer Monday:

NFL Recap

Wild Weekend in the NFL, eh?! The highlight of this week – and possibly the year – will be the Hail Mary catch by DeAndre Tompkins Hopkins of Kyler Murray’s pass against the Buffalo Bills. Why are they cursed with being victims of last-minute heroics?) The loss dropped the Bills to 7-3, top of the AFC East but sit only one game ahead of Miami (who’ve won 5 straight) and two ahead of New England, who stunned the Ravens. The Ravens are now tied with the Browns for second in the AFC North as the Steelers remain the only undefeated team in the league and top of the division… Tennessee and Indy are tied for the lead in the AFC South at 6-3, while that record is only good for the second place spot in the AFC West… The defending champion KC Chiefs stand at a formidable 8-1 and on a collision course for the AFC Championship game with Pittsburgh.

In the NFC, the Eagles at 3-5-1 are the top of the NFC East. Let that record and factoid sink in for a minute. I mean, we have seen teams win their division with 8-8 records and the occasional 7-9, but this division looks like 6-10 will take it. That is just disgusting – more disgusting than that Management Link above. (or this one)Green Bay continues to lead the Central at 7-2, ahead of the Bears, who seem to have finally given up on Mitch Trubisky and hope the Nick Foles can lead them to the playoffs… Tompa Brady and Nawlins are tied for the lead in the NFC South and it looks like they will both make the playoffs… The aforementioned “Hail Murray” catch moved the Cardinals to a 3-way tie atop the NFC West at 6-3, with Seattle and San Francisco. I see two of the three making playoffs but not all three.

Soccer Monday

I know soccer puts lots of fans to sleep. It’s my job to inform, so take your medicine. The main take away is that after this international break, the MLS Playoffs start. That will be big news because the season will finally be over. My New York Red Bulls are in the tourney with a chance to win it. I doubt they will but that is why they play the games! The other big news is the US Men finally played a game for the first time since February. Though the game ended 0-0, it was misleading, as for the first time in a while the USA looked dangerous in attack. Another key was that it was a very young team with lots of players Under 23. Hell, quite a few were under 20. The future looks bright for the USA… now all they need is a quality coach to match the young talent that they have.

Bill Belichick, D'Andre_Hopkins, Kyler_Murray, Buffalo_Bills, Patriots, Cardinals, Meet_The_Matts, Junoir_Blaber, Sports Rain Man

Anyway, thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for Bodacious Big Ben Whitney, who be ready for some kerfuffle.

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