Carson Wentz Gets Benched. Iggles in Phlux. Philly Phan’s Opinion

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SPANISH HARLEM – The Philadelphia Eagles have had a season to phucking forget. They have not lived up to expectations and in hindsight, neither has any team in the NFC East. Every #NFL team deals with injuries and the Eagles have dealt with their fair share, maybe more than most teams… but that’s no excuse for their terrible play. The one person that is taking the blunt of the blame is Carson Wentz and as much as I like him, the criticism is justifiable.

It has been a been a disaster of a season for Wentz. Not only did Philly draft Jalen “It” Hurts in the second round, but now it seems the kid has taken Wentz’s job… at least for the time being. This is after the organization gave him a big extension that starts next season. Definitely not what you want to see from your franchise quarterback. I know it must have sucked for Wentz to see his team draft a quarterback but what made it even worse is that they decided to use a high draft pick to do so. It was a weird move because there were more important holes on this team that they could of addressed.

Was I disappointed with the Hurts pick? Yes, but I fully understand why they did it. Wentz has been injured and/or missed games in every season. He has only played in one playoff game since coming into the league and didn’t finish the first quarter of that game before being diagnosed with a concussion. It wasn’t his fault he is looked at as someone that is injury-prone.

Jalen Hurts was drafted as insurance for a team that had to rely on its back-up quarterback to win  games in the playoffs. Did anyone expect Wentz to look the way he has this season? No way in hell. He has shown the ability to put up MVP type numbers when he has a healthy group and offensive weapons. Last season, he willed the team to victory after victory to make the playoffs when they started slowly. He showed he could make the team better – as long as he was on the field – but this season it has been the opposite. He’s thrown some bad interceptions and his penchant for fumbling was something that the team lived with because he rarely made bad passes.

What bothers me is his inability to do what he did only one year ago. Say what you want about the offensive line – they have been bad. They lead the league in sacks given up but the decisions Wentz has made on the field can’t be ignored. He continues to hold the ball longer than most quarterbacks, knowing full well his offensive line is no good. He looks off his wide outs too soon and relies on his tight ends too often. It helps to have a better offensive line – ask Eli Manning – but he hasn’t adjusted to what defenses are doing to him.

Are there more people to blame for his play? Maybe. We will definitely find out on Sunday when Jalen Hurts starts under center… Doug Pederson may want to show that his play calling is not the issue.

I do believe in Carson Wentz and there is a good chance he will start a game again this season but at this point you have start Hurts. It may help Wentz to watch on the sidelines and see the game differently. I really don’t know what else you can do. Come Sunday, if the offense still looks bad, then it’s a bad omen for Pederson.

That’s it for me, feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for… The Secret Weapon.

Jalen Hurts, Doug Pederson, Eagles, NFL, Carson Wentz, NY Giants, Meet_The_Matts, Coronavirus, Buddy_Diaz

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