Big Ben Tuesday: Time for the Great Drew Brees to Retire and Alex Smith too. NFL Championship Preview.

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NIANTIC, CT – Today’s my 50th birthday (how the F did that happen?) but I still showed up for work. Take that Millennials! And  Speaking of old, Drew Brees showed on Sunday that his time in the game may be at and end. I don’t say that lightly, I know how hard it is to hang them up. I still stay up way too late on weeknights for the thrill of the occasional beer league hockey goal. But it’s time. And sorry, but Alex Smith should hang ’em up too.


You really had to feel for Brees when his kids were on the field after the game in tears. But they brightened up catching passes from Tom Brady.This guy didn’t play great either, but at least he didn’t have three picks…” is what they probably said.

The Saints D shut down the previously scorching Bucs passing game. Evans, Godwin, and Brown couldn’t crack 50 yards combined. When Fournette and Brate are your leading receivers, things didn’t go as planned.

The Bucs won anyway, thanks to Saints’ turnovers and poor red zone offense. Most of that falls on Brees, with assists from Jared Cook and Michael Thomas.

Brees had a chance to put away the lowly Vikings as a heavy favorite last year at the end of regulation and in OT, but he couldn’t get it done. Fat Jameis had as many TD passes as Brees on Sunday. Though to be fair, I think Mariah Carey could’ve made that throw.

Thanks for the memories Drew, a legend and a class act.

Alex Smith

I was caught off guard awhile back by several snarky and douchey comments pertaining to some throwaway comments I made about Smith after his first game back. Not that there aren’t a lot of snarky douche bags around here, I just didn’t remember saying anything controversial. And it seemed to hit a nerve with several people. So I went back and looked, and here’s the offending paragraph.

Smith was back to his dink and dunking ways, with 9 completions for 37 yards and a whopping 2.2 yards per pass. He should finish the year and tap out. He got a big contract and can be proud he made it back. Walk away.”

That’s it? I still think every one of those things. Mark me down for a double down on those comments. If anything, time has backed me up.

His calf injury didn’t heal I’m guessing because they took stuff from it to fix the other one. When you’re down to zero healthy legs, it might be time to call it a career. The guy could barely move in his last appearance and couldn’t play at all in their playoff game.

Sure, he could hang around and be a backup. There are plenty of worse QBs out there. But why? He’s made his point. It was a great story, kudos to him. But the risk reward ratio is not in his favor.

The Chips

Anyway,  Rodgers looks unstoppable in the NFC, but if anyone can take him out in Lambeau, it’s TB12. And the injury to Mahomes might open a big door for the Bills.

I really hope he can go because we’re set up for some great match-ups. On one side, the young upstarts of Allen and Mahomes. On the other, the veteran gunslingers of Brady and Rodgers. Let’s f@cking go!

That’s it for me. Come back tomorrow for our own veteran gunslinger, Angry Ward. Follow us on Twitter at @BenWhit8, @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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