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BLOOMINGBURG, NY – The 2020 NFL regular season ends later tonight and much like the Waterford Crystal sphere dropping in the unusually barren Times Square, it will be equally depressing. Why? For starters, you have a losing team waiting to claim ownership as champions of the worst division in an otherwise more ass morass of a poorly played football season. Every Sunday, readers come here to get the skinny on gambling angles and bad advice in wagering on four games a week but today I’m picking only ONE and will expound on the atrocity of the NFC East.

Allow me to set the stage. The league likes to strategically shuffle the start times of its Week 17 games to maximize the drama in contests with greater playoff implications. Philthy made things less complicated today as they shit the bed last week in Dallas and eliminated themselves, getting thrashed by the suddenly surging Cowboys. My ‘Boys have won three straight but suck… in all honesty.

Act I Scene I

(1:00 @ MetLife Stadium) Dallas,  at 6-9, have stayed afloat long enough for this meeting with the 5-10 Giants to mean something. The last time the Jints beat the Pokes was three and a half years ago and while they may be due to finally break the spell they won’t because a Dallas win will heighten the meaning of the Washington at Philadelphia match-up. Danny Dimes is less than one hundred percent and he’s a turnover machine. The Dallas defense can be beat deep, the Giants haven’t done that consistently enough to take advantage. Meanwhile, Andy Dalton is showing some stability with a stable of receivers in the wake of Ezekiel Elliott’s regression. I like the Under in this game but that’s not the pick du hour. This is a playoff game for all intents and purposes to the point where there will be a feeling out and settling in game plans on both sides. A win puts the ‘Boys at 7-9 and they can become winners of the division – along with a few others – that have won a division with the same losing record.

Act I Scene II

(Last game of the year on Sunday Night Football in prime time Washington @ Philthydelphia) Yes, I’m going full conspiracy angle here. Why? As any reformed or current gambling addict will tell you some football games are fixed! Legion of Boom, Jimmy_The_Greek Cheesy_Bruin Meet_The_Matts, FREE NFL PICKSThe league doesn’t want its first six-win team to win a division, even if the warm and fuzzy story-lines of the Washington Football Team attempt to camouflage it. The WFT has an idiot owner. They lost their nickname to political correctness. The coach is battling cancer. The Comeback Player of the Millennium (despite what Ben Whitney thinks of him) is Alex Smith. This is only possible after the Dwayne Haskins debacle… Yadda yadda yadda. Mr. Smith Returns for Washington in time for a sure fire win in Philthy for the exclamation point. The Pick? ALL IN ON… Washington -2.5 over PHILADELPHIA!!!

There you have it. We’ll either be rich or broke together. Leave comments below and come back tomorrow for a man with riches of imagination, Sports Rain Man Junoir Blaber.

Cheesy_Bruin, Rich_Perlongo,Dwayne Haskins, Alex Smith, Meet_The_Matts, Daniel Snyder,Washington Redskins, WFT, Giants, Eagles, Andy Dalton, Free NFL Picks, NFL

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