Big Ben Tuesday: Super Bowl LV Preview -n- Prediction Special

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STAMFORD, CT The Big Game is just around the corner and there is no shortage of interesting subplots. I’m here to break it all down for you. Well, maybe not all. But some. Buckle in. It’s time for my… Super Bowl LV Preview -n- Prediction Special.

The GOAT vs The Kid

Mahomes: The Baby GOAT must be glad to be going up against Tom Brady. Mahomes came within a Dee Ford carelessly placed hand and a coin flip from dethroning Tom two years ago. King Patrick’s reign will only begin when he can vanquish King Tom. This was probably not how he envisioned it after the 2018 loss, but he’ll take it. 

Brady: What else is there to say about The GOAT? After Sunday he will have played in 20 percent of the 55 Super Bowls. His 11 will be more than any other team, except the Patriots. Jaysus Bunchen Christ, that’s impressive.

As much as I hated him in New England, I now find him oddly comforting. He’s the one damn thing around here you can still count on. And now I hear there is a documentary basically proving “Deflate=Gate “was a farce. Next I’ll find out Belichick rescues abused puppies. Right is left, day is night.

Tampa Bay Offense vs Kansas City Defense

Tom got off the salary bloated ship in New England just in time. He traded up to a team in Tampa with plenty of weapons and brought two more with him in Gronk and AB. It was like trading from a girl-next-door type mother of your child to an exotic supermodel. Whoops. The Bucs have a lot of ways to beat you and they’re coming in hot.

Good luck stopping this, too

The Chiefs have a decent D, twelfth in the league in points per game allowed. They were a bit better against the pass, so look for a healthy dose of Fournette with a sprinkle of Ronald Jones. The Chief’s do have Mr. Stephen Spagnuolo, who knows a thing or two about beating Brady in the Super Bowl. It’s going to come down to pressure. Tom Brady with time is an assassin. Tom Brady under pressure is a twitchy old man. 

Kansas City Offense vs Tampa Bay Defense

The Chiefs have a big problem on the offensive line. They lost  LT Eric Fisher in the Bills game and their RT Mitchell Schwartz is not likely to play either. Mike Remmers (remember him, Giants fans?) and veteran Steve Wisniewski filled in. That’s not ideal.

The six inches that cost them the Super Bowl

JPP and Shaq Barrett must be licking their chops. It didn’t work out well for Green Bay without their left tackle as the TB front had a field day. What’s up with left tackles going down right before they play the Bucs? Belichick using his voodoo for Tommy?

You’d think the Chiefs will have to adjust and give some help to their tackles, which means not spreading it out as often with fast WRs. Expect a lot of bubble screens and jet sweeps. Right? Or is Mahomes just going to back up until someone gets open. 

The Chiefs still should be able to move the ball. So it’s going to come down to red zone defense. If TB can get stops and hold the Chiefs to field goals, they’ve got a shot. With Kelce, Hill and excellent creative play calling, the Chiefs are tough to keep out of the end zone. But maybe the line issues neutralize some of that. The Bucs are much more vulnerable against the pass so Mahomes is going to have to buy some time on his own. They got in done with long bombs and a huge Tyreek Hill first half in the November meeting, but they’re going to have to do work from closer in this time around, I reckon.

Reid vs Arians

Reid got off the schneid last year and Arians is looking to follow suit. The big experience edge here goes to the Chiefs, with Super Bowl veteran coaches Bieniemy and Spagnuolo as Reid’s lieutenants. 


Mahomes is the best player in the league. Kelce and Hill are the best in the league and they compliment each other so well. I think the Chiefs overcome their line problems and get it done. I’ll never learn my lesson about betting against Tom Brady

Chiefs -3

That’s it for me. Come back tomorrow for a guy who doesn’t learn lessons, he gives them, Angry Ward. Follow us on Twitter at @BenWhit8, @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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