Sports Rain Man: Stafford Trade, Matz Trade, Angelou on DeAngelo

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy February! It was 3AM into this snow-drenched month and after finally putting my son to bed for a 3rd time when I wrote this. So please excuse… all of it, really. With that, let’s get to today’s topics: Sports Rain Man: Stafford Trade, Matz Trade, Angelou on DeAngelo


This was the big news coming out of the NFL during a weekend with no games. QB Matthew Stafford was traded from the Detroit Lions to the St Louis, no excuse me, Los Angeles Rams. He went for QB Jared Goff and a couple of picks in this year and next year. Stanford wanting to leave is no big surprise. His wife is unhappy and he got into hot water speaking out against the #COVID lock-down. Detroit is rebuilding again and he’s witnessed at least 3-4 rebuilds in the Motor City. And he would like a chance to be on a team that could actually win. Funny Stat About Stafford that I came across a while back: he’s only had a back run for over 100 yards four times. That lack of a running game is alarming. He did haveĀ  Calvin Johnson as a receiver for a while, which was helpful before Johnson retired, but that was probably the best player he’s played. He’s been very much isolated and trying to make players better, rather than having guys that were pretty good on your own. So the Rams, who went to the Superbowl Super Bowl a couple of years ago, figured that they’d make a play for Stafford now, as he might be a difference-maker. In return they shipped out Goff, who is a decent but not a real game-winning quarterback. So the Rams gambled and the rest of league is waiting to see how this deal turns out.


This is the hardest goodbye (other than Seaver) we have had to say in Meet The Matt(z) world in a while. Steven Matz’ name fit with this website and came up in the Mets system, so it was a funny thing we all enjoyed. However, the new New York Mets shipped the Long Island product and his 5 million contract north to Toronto for three young prospects. The deal that actually works out for all because Mets’ were hamstrung with that contract while trying to pull the trigger on Trevor Bauer (perhaps). The Metsies get some young players back to help their minor league system, which has been lacking the last few seasons and has seen talent traded away. Meanwhile Matz will get to pitch in the Junior Division and get sorted on a decent team. The Blue Jays aren’t favorites to win the American League East, but they’ve got talent and could secure a Wild Card. From there anything can happen… I wish Matz the best.


In the words of Maya Angelou, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” The New York Rangers learned that the hard way, by finally putting Problem Child Anthony DeAngelo on waivers. Apparently DeAngelo got into an actual fight with goalie Alexander Georgiev after a miscommunication led to the game-winning goal. Considering Tony D’s history and/or threatening tweets this was not going to end well. Still, it’s a gut-punch for a young team. Maybe it will send the message that certain transgressions will not be tolerated. But man, the Rangers have to be kicking themselves for giving him such a big contract last season.

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for Ben “Pink” Whitney. There is a drink at my liquor storeĀ  called a Pink Whitney. Couldn’t resist… Pink will be here tomorrow.

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