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BLOOMINGBURG, NY – There were quite a bit of sports items this past week that hit the media of which I really didn’t care to peruse other than the headlines themselves.   On top of that Short Matt mentioned Rick DiPietro yesterday and any reference of the former netminder is enough to stir a chuckle, as his Bobby Bonilla-like contract is living proof that Mike Milbury had no clue as a GM. There were other mistakes, like the Alexei Yashin trade, that separate Mad Mike from even the worst of hockey suits past and present.

I’m not sure where I’m going with the column, so excuse me for lacking a stream of consciousness. I guess I’ll channel Grote2Max like he used to channel the late Larry King

Carson Wentz was unloaded by the Iggles as there’s hope in Indy that Frank Reich can correct his old QB student’s game/psyche. That means the Jalen Hurts era has officially begun and it’s only fitting for that depressing city to have a guy headlining a team whose name is HurtsSpeaking of Philly, that leftover from the 1980’s production of Muppets On Ice, Gritty, is really making me ill as far as mascots are concerned. WTF is he/she/it?! It doesn’t fly and certainly doesn’t remotely fit the team name or city for that matter. The damn thing is goofy and more a cross between Gossamer from Bugs Bunny and Sesame Street’s Snuffleuffagus. I’d love to meet the genius behind this idea.

The NHL has headed outdoors this weekend for a few games and is about the only recent change in any sport that I enjoy – but sunshine and melting ice postponed the games in Lake Tahoe, adding some angst, before they got underway! CLICK THIS

Speaking of enjoyment, forty-one years ago today the 1980 collection of college kids completed what is known as The Miracle On Ice and ushered in the wave of American players to the NHL. The sport and league owes its popularity south of the border (Canada and not the tourist trap in South Carolina) to Herb Brooks’ boys. This puts me in the mood to watch Miracle.

Eyewitness News’ sports anchor Ryan Field seemed giddy with the Nets blowout over the Cavs and or Lakers to suggest the Brooklyn Five are front runners in winning the NBA title. It’s as premature as Different Matt asking if the Rangers are Cup contenders; cup support holders are the closest they’ll come to any cup…. Makes me think of the time when old Blues goalie Mike Liut took a slap shot to the gonads that split his cup in two. Not the visual of seeing Clint Malarchuck get his jugular sliced open but scary nonetheless when we’re talking about close calls and veins.

Pitchers and catchers have reported for Spring Training and again, I don’t really care, because this sport’s ruin has come with all its rule changes. Besides, God’s favorite son, Tim Tebow has called his fleeting (at best) baseball career quits. Praise Jesus! Whatever happened to that John 3:16 hippie that used to appear at what seemed like every sporting event with the best seats in the house? I’d love to know who his ticket agent was…

I’m done with these ridiculous random thoughts for a day. Leave some likewise wacky musings in the comments section below… and come back tomorrow for the Sports Rain Man, Junoir Blaber.

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