NBA Playoffs Game 2: Buddy Diaz Compares Knicks v Hawks Pre & Post-Game Notes

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SPANISH HARLEM – I wanted to try something different for you/us, so I will share my thoughts on Game 1 of the New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks, and also give my thoughts after Game 2. This interests me for two reasons; 1) my thoughts before and 2) my feelings after. Another loss could have dire consequences, not just for me but for many fans that root for this team. On the other hand, a win will surely keep spirits high. Let’s start with the Knicks losing on Sunday.

Game 2 Pre-Game

Buddy Diaz

Most certainly, Sunday’s loss was a tough pill to swallow. Without Julius Randle and RJ Barrett playing at their best, somehow the Knicks had a chance to win a game in the playoffs. The basketball gods were on Trae Young’s side, though, because the calls he got and the moment he shared with The Garden at the end of the game made him the best villain since Reggie Miller. To say we need to play better defense on Young is an understatement. He carved his way late in that game and though Derek Rose played great, he will need some help in Game 2.

One thing I know will sound crazy – but why not start Frank Nitilkina? We are a couple hours away from the game and I don’t know anything yet but… what do you have to lose? (maybe the game, I know). We need someone that can guard him one-on-one and nobody on this team will be able to do that better than Frank. I could be wrong and Young kills us again but I don’t think that will happen. My guess is that Thibdeaou goes with the same lineup but I could dream.


We *facking won! We did what we needed to do to win the game.  Was it the prettiest win you saw? No. It’s ugly and not for the the lame. You saw a hard fought battle, and Trae Young could suck a Fat Richard.  I have had a couple drinks but I don’t forget. Suck a wide open sphincter. LOL.

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