Sports Rain Man: “Go Bills,” USA World Cup-Qualifying, NFL #COVID Chaos

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Can you name us?

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Labor Day. The summer is officially over. I haven’t gone anywhere and I don’t think I will. My family will just have to do with trips to the museum or something else. I will figure it out. Anyway let’s get to today’s labor… Go Bills,” USA World Cup-Qualifying, NFL #COVID Chaos.

“Go Bills”

A guy was in my way the other day. I excused myself and picked up my order. To make it less awkward as I left, I said, “Go Bills.” He yelled back, “Go Bills!” It then dawned on me that from NFL preseason through playoffs, you can use “Go Bills” the same way “Roll Tide” was used in the Alabama commercial. Plus, my office also just handled out the schedule for the year with a reminder not to host an open house during a Bills game.

USA World Cup-Qualifying

Junoir Blaber

There is a very simple formula for World Cup-qualifying. Win all your home games and tie your road games. It is feeling like deja vu all over again for USA soccer fans. The performance in El Salvador on Thursday was poor and toothless. Then last night our guys struggled at home in Tennessee vs Canada. The USA were lucky the Canadians didn’t win – but tied. I can’t say the coach looks out of ideas because it can be debated if he ever really had any. The USA had won the Nations League with their A side and the Gold Cup with the B team, so fans started to believe that the golden generation had finally arrived and the USA was on-the-climb in the world. FIFA had ranked the USA 10th in the world. Our time had come! Womp! Womp! Yet, from the selection of the roster for these games to the disjointed performance in San Salvador, we were told things would be better on US soil. If you watched this game last night, the coach looked clueless, no subs were made as Canada turned the screws late, and there was no change in tactics. It was actually scary because you wondered why the USA attack looked so benign. It is not time to hit the panic button but it is for panic stations.


Uh-oh, it looks America’s Team is flirting with disaster, via a small outbreak on the Dallas Cowboys. The concern is off course that their season opener might be cancelled and that means players don’t get paid and the game won’t get rescheduled. League-wide, it appears that vaccination status of players is playing a role in roster cuts. NFL newbie Urban Meyer slipped up and mentioned how it was one of the things considered when he trimmed his roster, which is prohibited as per the league’s agreement with the Player’s Union. The NFLPA opened an investigation. Meanwhile, a seasoned [alleged] liar like Bill Belichek Belichick mentioned how the possibility of a player having to quarantine hurt evaluation time. That’s how you do it, Urban. Anyway it seems, that Cam Newton isn’t vaccinated due to a mix-up. He missed a few days of practice and it let Mac Jones get more work with the first team. This led Czar Bill to cut Cam and make Jones his starter.

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for Ben Whitney, who gave up on the Yanks acted like he didn’t, and is now back to to giving up. Go Orioles. #LGM

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