Big Ben Tuesday: NY Giants, Three Reasons for Hope and Despair. And the Bills on MNF.

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EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – After wasting three hours watching the NY Giants get destroyed by an actual football team, I was trying to stay positive. There have been a few flickers of light that give me hope. I think. But those lights are dimmed by a thousand dark spots. Let’s do New York Giants – Three Reasons for Hope and Three Reasons for Despair. And I’ll throw in a few thoughts on the Bills on MNF.

Bright Spots

Kadarius Toney looks like a legitimate weapon, in the mold of Tyreek Hill. A guy who can take a third and fifteen bubble screen and zigzag his way to the marker. They were moving the ball against the Rams D when he was in the game. Trading down and getting a first rounder and taking Toney when they didn’t get DeVonta Smith may end up being Gettleman’s opus.


Andrew Thomas looks like a bookend left tackle. After a slow start that caused agita in Giants nation, the man has locked it down when he’s been out there. Both he and Toney should be glued to the bench until they’re healthy.

Daniel Jones is unlikely to be mistaken for Joe Montana, but he looks like a guy who can play with some protection and a few weapons around him. I know you can put a load of QBs in that bucket, but Jones has looked better. Yeah I know, not against the Rams, but losing Thomas and Toney hurt.

Dim Spots

The Giants have some big names in the secondary with Jabril Peppers, James Bradstreet, Adoree Jackson, Ryan Logan, and Xavier McKinney. A lack of a consistent pass rush is part of the problem, but this unit has been massively disappointing.

Just like the year when they brought in Snacks and Jackrabbit, last year’s big signings of Bradstreet and Blake Martinez worked for a year and then it didn’t. This year Bradstreet has taken a step back and Martinez is out for the season. Tae Crowder and Reggie Rutland are not the answer. To any question.

The play calling has been brutal, especially in the red zone. Jason Garrett is likely to be the first casualty of this mess. But the season has also been peppered with stupid penalties and boneheaded mistakes. We’ll have to start pointing at the head coach soon, right?

Bills on MNF

Damn, did you see Derrick Henry’s workout highlights? What an absolute beast. Note to you kids out there, whenever you see one of the all-time greats, there’s a jaw dropping workout routine behind the scenes. You can get away with no practicing – Allen Iverson style – for a little while, but you won’t be a GOAT, no matter how talented you are.

Man, I wish the Giants drafted Josh Allen. The guy is big sturdy man rocket.

Are you starting to think that Cole Beasley (and Kyrie Irving, Kirk Cousins, Carey Price and the rest of the vaccine rejectors) are going to end up looking pretty smart? Their leagues are making it really rough on these guys, the pressure to get it must be intense. In some cases they can’t even play and are missing out on millions of dollars. You got to give them at least some credit for sticking to their guns… No?

And in case you haven’t heard, there is a now a variant of the Delta variant that is starting to run wild in the UK. A variant of a variant. We’re living a Monty Python skit. But our government isn’t worried the plummeting efficacy numbers, as long as Moderna’s stock price keeps going up. Their plan is to keep bribing the hesitant with doughnuts and berating them. That should do it.

I can’t hear you! I have a helmet on!

Socrates said, “If you want to be wrong, follow the masses.” We might end up thanking Cole and Kyrie for their courage one day. The right to decide what goes into your own body is a pretty big one, friends.

I got a little carried away there. Please direct all feedback on this to MTM management.

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