Big Ben Tuesday: New York Giants vs Bucs on MNF as It Happened

TAMPA BAY, FL – The New York Giants take on the Tampa Bay Bucs on Monday Night Football. On one hand it feels like the Giants can hang in this game, but on the other is a mad Tom Brady on a two-game skid. That’s never good. Let’s break it down in real time.

First Quarter

The Giants start the game in their patented break-but-don’t-bend defense and give up a quick TD.

Their first offensive possession is typical. They move the ball pretty well, but then get near the goal-line and Garrett has no idea what to do. The Giants must lead the league in 2nd and 10 dive plays that gain one yard. But hey, a third and nine is so much more manageable than third and ten.

Right on cue, we see a stat that the Giants have the worst red zone offense in the league. Worse than the Texans, Jets, Jaguars.

Wait, I’d better switch to the Mannings. Maybe Eli will start ripping on Daniel Jones.

Second Quarter

Kevin Hart gets in the booth and immediately the Giants get a turnover, right after Eli says the Giants defense must be exhausted already. Garrett then goes deep into his bag of red zone tricks and Jones hits Andrew Thomas on a delayed release for a TD. And just like that we’re tied.

Have we considered Thomas at tight end? It looks like he’s got better hands than Engram.

The Giants’ pass rush gives Brady about four minutes on a third down and he hits a big one to Gronk. You can practically hear Gronk’s dumb voice while the ball is in the air, “Oh boy, it’s coming to me.” Peyton says that Gronk was Brady’s eighth read on the play.

Ronald Jones pounds one in. Of course he did, I need Fournette to have a decent fantasy game. The Giants are going to need to score at least 30 points to win this game.

Spoiler Alert! They won’t.

Kadarius Toney throws a bomb, Garrett is getting nutty. A flag comes in, but they pick it up for some reason.

The Giants need a two-fer TD before and after the half to stay in this game. Big challenge by Tampa on a catch/non-catch by Toney on a third down. It’s reversed and the Giants will punt. That could be beginning of the end.

I had to turn off the Mannings. They were showing Kevin Hart breaking down plays instead of the huge Toney call.

The Giants get a huge break on a holding call to nullify a near TD. Bro had Azeez in a choke hold though, I’m not sure what what Arians is so pissed about.

Brady’s pocket presence is amazingly good. He’s so good at feeling the rush without looking at it.

The Giants get crazy before halftime but luckily it doesn’t cost them. Big Blue is only down seven, but it feels like they really need to score on the first possession.


“Hey halftime, let’s see what else is on.” – Ben Whitney

Good to see the Ottawa Senators back on the ice after 40 percent of the team tested positive, even though 100% of the team got the tab. For context, only about twenty percent of the people on the Diamond Princess, the floating petri dish, got COVID in the outbreak in early 2020. I’m sure the booster will fix everything though. Let’s move on.

Back to MNF

Oh good, the seventh Gronkowksi USAA commercial. Brady says Gronk is everyone’s favorite teammate. I’m skeptical.

If the NFL were college, where would the Titans rank? They still have the best record in the AFC, but they have losses to the Jets, Bears, and Texans on their resume. They might not be in the top four.

Third Quarter

The Giants hit a big play to Kyle Rudolph into Tampa Bay territory but fail on a fourth and one. Peyton predicts the call. Tampa didn’t respect the run at all.

Brady hits an easy 3rd and eleven to Evans. James Bradberry does not look like the same guy as last year.

A big play to Fournette gets called back, but Brady is not bothered. I’m not sure he’s been hit yet.

Wait! The Giants got a little push on Brady! He’s rattled.

Or not…

TD to Evans. The Mannings are confused by the Giants’ decision to double Cameron Brate over Mike Evans. Yeah, that’s probably not sound strategy there. This might not make it to the fourth quarter. I don’t think Condoleeza Rice is going to keep me up.

Daniel Jones throws a screen to a Tampa lineman. This one is all but over.

The Mannings talking to Condi Rice is almost as painful as the Giants’ play calling. Though she might be an upgrade at D coordinator, as she calls for the blitz that holds the Bucs to a FG.

The Giants are fighting to make plays on this drive, but keep shooting themselves in the foot with penalties. Second and about 30 coming up. Jason Garrett needs to be fired tomorrow.

Thankfully, the quarter ends.

Fourth Quarter

Surprisingly, the Giants don’t convert the 3rd and 28. They should just have a WR run straight into a DB and hope for a PI.

Julian Edelman? The guest list for the Mannings has gone downhill a bit. Dick Cheney wasn’t available?

Peyton tells Eli to stop being a homer. Okay, they got one laugh out of me tonight.

Giants force a punt. If the Giants don’t score on this drive, I’m out. “This is a critical drive for the Giants.You think, Eli?

These four-yarders to Toney are probably not gonna get ’em there.

Jones throws one into traffic that ricochets off about five Bucs and gets picked. Nighty night.

Julian Edelman comes on and immediately starts making fun of Eli for the double birds thing. Then he starts making fun of their clothes. He was probably a way better teammate than Gronk.

Edelman later reveals the Gronk and Brady call each other “babe.” I’m kinda glad I stayed up.

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