Big Ben Tuesday: Confused by the New York Jets, NFL and New York Rangers

STAMFORD, CT – The NFL is quite confusing this season. Take the New York Jets. They could have a case for the worst team in the league, but somehow they’ve beaten the Titans and Bengals. And it’s not just the NFL. The NY Rangers are confusing me too. Are they good? It’s hard to tell. Here comes some rambling.


Jets fans were chanting for Joe Flacco to go in the game.  That should tell you all you need to know about the Jets’  season.

The Mike White Era was slightly less exciting than the Kevin Maas Era. I guess it would be unprecedented for a guy to spend four years in the league and never take one snap, then suddenly emerge as a great QB. Someone pull Zach Wilson out from under the bus.


Another thing you don’t see is a coach looking this bad and later working it out and becoming a great coach. It’s been a rough start for Robert Saleh and company. And if it’s ever gonna work for him, it will probably be with the Texans eight years from now.

Around the NFL

Speaking of things I can figure out… how about the entire NF? I know their QB was out, but how do the Cards get crushed by the lowly Panthers? Maybe Darnold was the problem.

Or maybe it’s just such a coaching league, now that even teams with mediocre talent can exploit weaknesses and beat more talented teams.

How the hell did the Rams fit Odell under the cap? The team just added Von Miller and has big name stars at every level on offense and defense.

Tough break for Robert Woods; no truth to the rumor that Odell and Jeff Gillooly were seen cavorting before that practice. It’s kind of funny seeing the Rams have to run a completely different offense because they have to huddle to tell Odell what to do on the next play. It reminds me of my high school football team.

New York Rangers

One more thing I’m confused about: The New York Rangers brought in Ryan Reeves for nights like Sunday. PJ Subban’s dirty slew foot that dq’d Sammy Blais went unpunished. Subban did almost the same thing to about 50 other players, including Reaves himself in this very preseason. Why Subban’s nose is not currently split in half in confusing to me.

Instead, Reaves was on the ice with his 4th-line mates with under 3 minutes left trying to protect a one goal lead. Predictably, the Devils scored and sent it to OT.

I guess I shouldn’t complain, it was a heckuva shootout. And don’t look now, but the Rangers are only one point from first place in the Metropolitan.

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