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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy MondayNew week, same result. All three NY state teams: the Bills, Jets and Giants took an “L this weekend. No one really expected the latter two to win, but they did expect them to be competitive which they weren’t. Meanwhile, the Bills were very competitive and almost won. Anyway, let’s get to today’s topics: Saints Ground Jets, Chargers Zap Giants, Bills Bummer vs Bucs, NCAA & NFL News.  

Saints Ground Jets

Jets were suppose to finish hot! That was what I predicted all season long. QB Zach Wilson didn’t look better against the Saints. However, it wasn’t all his fault. He didn’t have his top two receivers nor his two first choice running backs. He had t Ty Johnson in the backfield – who dropped three passes. Unfortunately for Johnson they hit him in a bad spot…. his hands! Oh!!! Then you had the immensely talented Denzel Mims, who has been buried on the bench all season with people wondering why. The coaching staff said his focus is lacking and he proved them right with two back-to-back penalties that took the team out field goal range and killed the drive. The Gang Green defense was also missing its share of starters and a total of 11 on both sides of the ball. Without their first choice safeties and a couple of linebackers, the Jets held out as long as they could, keeping it close (13-6) until the 4th quarter. That’s when the Saints racked up 17 points and put things out of reach. Final score, 30-9.

Chargers Zap Giants

Giants need Dan Jones at the helm… This isn’t deja vu or even deja blue. See what I did there? The Giants got stomped out by the Chargers. the 37-21 scoreline belies the fact that with just under 10 minutes to go it was 37-7 in the 4th quarter. Big Ben Whitney will be likely chime in re that; I don’t know what more to add. Dave Gettleman has to go, as he has failed to improve this team in his years in charge. Has the Dan Jones injury hurt the team? Absolutely, but at least 75% of teams have to use the backup QB for one game during the season these days. If that is the case then why in god’s name is your QB. The Jets won one game with their back-up, almost won another with their third string and same goes for the their fourth choice. Yes luck goes into that but seriously considering how bad the Jets are that is an achievement. Mike Glennon at QB for the Giants gets nothing done. This is before we get to the weak O-line, Saquon Barkley facing 8 in the box and then the Jints’ defense that doesn’t have any good cover corners or a pass rush. Jones doesn’t fix all of that stuff but at least it allows the offense to hold onto the ball so the defense rests as Barkley can run against 7 in the box.

Bills Bummer vs Bucs

Junoir Blaber

Last week Dr. Evil, this week Dr. Evil’s ex…  Da Bills went down to Tampa Bay to take on the Bucs and see if they would have better luck against Tompa Brady. They almost did. Since signing Brady the Bucs have become a home for former top players looking to take a pay-cut for a chance at a ring. Leonard Fournette was one of the first ones to do that and won a title last season and is back this season to do the same. His rushing ability has kept defenses honest against Brady. Fournette scored on the ground while Brady scored in through the air. Tampa was seemingly in total control, up 27-10 with a little over 11 minutes in the 4th quarter left. Bills QB1/RB1 Josh Allen went to work running and throwing to lead the Bills on 17 unanswered points to tie the game. Allen would finish with over 300 yards throwing and over 100 yards running. Unfortunately, Tampa got the ball to start overtime and Brady would hit Breshard Perriman on a short route for his only catch of the game. Perriman took that pass, turned the corner, got some blocks, used his speed and took it to the house. Game. Over. Allen never got a chance to fire a shot OT.

NFL News

Broncos Delay of Game: A delay of game penalty is usually no big deal but this one was. Earlier in the week Broncos team legend and former WR Demaryius Thomas was found dead in his home, apparent cause was a seizure while in the shower. In a tribute, the Broncos not only held a moment of silence for him and had his number colored onto the sidelines on the field, but in their first play from scrimmage they lined up with 10 men, missing a WR… and took the delay of game penalty. Needs to be said that Detroit declined the penalty. All of this was worked out between the teams beforehand but a nice gesture nonetheless.

Aaron – not Qaaron – Rodgers: We all made fun of him for his #Covid vaccine denial. We called him Qaaron and said he looked like your weed dealer who refuses to leave after delivering (not my joke). Well, he came back and all he has done is win. He and Green Bay are looking ready to win a either the wildcard or the division. Better give that man his respect, for when it comes to playing QB in this league – he is the cure.


‘Bama Bust? Say it ain’t Joe…

Bryce Young Wins Heisman:

Young was the first Alabama QB to win the Heisman. This tracks as Alabama is not a QB school. Tua Tagovailoa is the first Alabama QB in modern memory to not be a bust. Jalen Hurts played there but finished at OklahomaMac Jones is looking good at Patriots QB but I think we can all say he is doing at New England what he did at Bama; manage the game. In the Saban Era, The Tide has recruited studs at all positions except QB, really. Their QBs manage the game, as the team has usually the best or top 10 players in each position, so no one looks at the QB as someone who has to win a game. That guy just has to make his throws when told. Maybe Young will be different but there have been a heck of a lot of Heisman Trophy winners, especially at QB, that haven’t amounted to anything in the #NFL.  Also it would have been nice to see runner-up Aidan Hutchinson win the trophy as the idea of defensive line-up winning that trophy would show that it is not just a show pony trophy, which it is.

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