Xmas Eve Special Sports Gifts: Kyrie Clarification, Hassan Whitside’s Jeep, World Series In NYC

NEW YORK, NYWhat’s more special than a sports Friday falling on Xmas Eve?! Not much! And it’s especially special when today’s starter is nowhere to be found! Isn’t that special!!! With that, here are some of this guy’s (thumbs pointing in) Xmas Eve Special Sports Gifts: Kyrie Clarification, Hassan Whitside’s Jeep, World Series In NYC

Kyrie Clarification

Kyrie Irving is not as loony as many – including yours truly – have painted him to be. Do I agree with his no-vax stance? The answer doesn’t matter, as it’s his right to choose. Personally, I’d give a toe for $20,000,000.00+ per season to shoot basketballs; but I’m a money-starved whore. Yet we digress… Back to the loony bin stuff. Upon further research after lazily/conveniently getting on the Kyrie-Is-Nuts Bandwagon, it’s become evident to this pundit that Irving was in fact kidding when he said the world was flat. Why bring this up AGAIN, asksĀ  a befuddled Big Ben Whitney? Because yours humbly had an argument in a pub last night with a guy that insists Kyrie was serious. Even after showing him on three different shows clearly and intelligently making fun of the whole thing, the guy wouldn’t change his opinion. Hopefully, this Kyrie Clarification helps you with your stance on this VERY important subject. You’re welcome!

Hassan Whiteside’s Jeep

How would you like $330,000.00 to custom-make your own vehicle? Well, that’s just what the 7-foot Utah Jazz center did. His 6-wheeled contraption gets ones creative juices flowing, as he and his rig stick out like a sore thumb in Salt Lake’s sea of minivans. Just think, for instance, what $330K could do for Different Matt’s Dodge Dart. Or Angry Ward’s Gremlin. How about Cam James Corolla? Grinding Ax Walt could really trick out his El Torino. The possibilities are endless.

World Series In NYC

Let’s face it, every so often Major League Baseball needs the Fall Classic to be on display in NYC. Since it’s Christmas, I won’t completely dismiss the Stanks Yanks – like I normally would. The Bronx and Citi Field as a backdrop is light-years better than Milwaukee or Tampa. Great stories are those teams but let’s agree to close those chapters and gift us with a replay of the best World Series ever, Mets vs Red Sox. F’ yeah! ‘Murica! #CalvinShiraldi

Happy and Merry to all! Feel free to leave your stocking-stuffers below and come back tomorrow for more Holiday Fun!

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