Say No To… YES! Curious Case of Carlos Beltran on CenterStage

WHITESTONE, NY – The YES Network has finally shown its true colors. The cable TV home of the New York Yankees designed its call letters around what they expect from their employees to be… YES men. With last week’s return of the once canceled CenterStage, the thought-to-be obvious is now blatantly-clear obvious. The talk show, hosted by Yankees play by play man Michael Kay, included celebrities such as Richard Gere, Frankie Valli, Chazz Palminteri, Mike Tyson, Serena Williams, and Julius Erving, who all fielded softball questions from Kay. Curiously, however, the 2.0 version of the show had Carlos Beltran, the ex Royal, Astro, Met, Giant, Cardinal, Yankee, Ranger and Astro (again).

The 20-year veteran is now an analyst for a handful of Yankees games. Was this the YES network’s way of promoting its newly hired employee? Did Kay stress on Beltrán ’s borderline Hall of Fame career? Was Chris Rock unavailable to be questioned on his thoughts of being slapped?

Nah! It’s just some more bullsh*t that the Yankees have been feeding their fanbase. This CenterStage episode should have been called, Carlos in the Courtroom. Poor Beltrán was hung out to dry, as he basically talked about what we all knew… the Astros banged the garbage can loudly.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

Beltrán confessed to everything and showed how upset he was about being the only player held accountable. By putting Carlos on the stand to admit what happened back in 2017, the Yankees refused to move on. Instead, they bring him on board and signed his ex-Astros teammate, utility player Marwin González, to join another ex-Astro, pitcher Gerrit Cole, who has his own Spider Tack issues.

What a way for the YES Network to bring back a show that reveals a celebrity’s favorite, late-night snack, along with whom they would have in a foxhole at a time of trauma.

Carlos is one of the good guys in this once-great game. Let’s hope he doesn’t turn into the typical YES man that has flooded the Major Leagues, with the once-storied franchise up in Da Bronx leading the way.

Shame on the YES network for feeding the fans a late-night snack of Ballpark Franks washed down with prune juice.

That’s it for me, drop a dime below and come back tomorrow for a guy that never cheats, Junoir Blaber.

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