ESPN Ruining Hockey, Everybody Loves Raymond II, NHL Playoffs, Mets Miss Playoffs

DENVER, CO – I said it last year.  Check the logs.  ESPN IS RUINING HOCKEY.  As I peck this piece out, the NBA finals are on ABC.  That must mean that the NHL’s Western Conference Finals are the number two game tonight and will be on ESPN.  NOT THE CASE!  ESPN is broadcasting NCAA SOFTBALL! So the NHL playoffs are number 3 and on ESPN 2?  NOT A CHANCE!  ESPN2 is currently airing a memoir alternative broadcast of the NBA finals game.  Finally I found the Avs vs Oilers game on lowly TNT.

The only people watching must be in Denver, Canada, and five people who were looking for a rerun of Everybody Loves Raymond, thanks to this broadcast burial.  Why did the NHL ever consider giving Disney/ESPN the keys to the castle?  NBC was just fine.  It was their best contract other than Notre Dame football.  The NHL was appreciated and celebrated.  The commentary was spirited, accurate, and for true hockey fans.  ESPN could care less about Hockey.  It seems as if they bought the rights just to prevent someone else from having them.  The only thing they could do to further marginalize the puck, would be to put Joe Buck on the call.

Cam James eating strudel

Since none of you like Everybody Loves Raymond, you all likely missed the game.  I will help you out.  The Avalanche are hoisting the Cup.  No need to watch from here out.  The Avs are unstoppable.  MacKinnon, Kadri, Makar, Landeskog are all going to have their names etched in silver.  The Rangers and Lightning are playing for second place.

Unrelated… The Braves are playing for second place.  I here now predict the Mets will win the division by 3 games with a 101 wins.  This prediction now guarantees the Amazins will miss the playoffs.  So you heard it here first: the Mets will miss the playoffs because they won 101 games.

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