deGrom vs Yanks, Knicks Getting Nicked, Vicious Verlander

Verlander, the missus, and Mitchell being like Mike.

HOUSTON, TX – There is no need to go into Kyrie Irving being a no-show for Drew League action yesterday. Nor is it vital that we highlight LeBron James’ healthy return to the hardwood in that very same summer league set-up. We’ll also fly past the increasingly interesting Orioles,  as your time is precious. With that, let’s talk about deGrom vs Yanks, Knicks Getting Nicked, Vicious Verlander.

deGrom vs Yanks

2021 Jacob deGrom, the best pitcher for 3 months ever, arguably, is now getting closer to starting his first Major League Baseball game in over a year. 2022 deGrom, reports indicate, will not make this long awaited start in Cincinnati, nor will he be going up against the likes of the Nats or D-Backs. Instead, in very much Mets’ fashion, he may be thrust into the scalding cauldron that is the Subway Series… deGrom vs Yanks, will be the headline. But what will the story be? Will it be one great start followed by “no baseball activity for 6 weeks due to tightness in the sternum?” You know this can’t go well, fellow Mets fans. We know doom too well. Jake will out-duel Sticky Stuff Cole for 7 innings, only for his Amazins to go down 2-0 in 10 innings. NO!  Let’s change the narrative. Let’s let deGrom go 7 innings in Triple A and skip the stress of facing the Yanks first time back. Let’s not do things The Mets Way.

Knicks Getting Nicked

My spider-sense isn’t tingling – it’s stinging. Donovan Mitchell took BP and threw out the first pitch before the Brooklyn Cyclones’ game at Maimonides Park. This should send up a thousand red flags. This is now forcing the Knicks to get fleeced like no team in history. Not even Angry Ward’s Vikings would trade six first-round picks and Obi Toppin, Immanuel Quickley, Miles McBride and Quentin Grimes… That’s what GM Danny Ainge wants. This is for a guard NOT named Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson. Do not make this trade, Leon. We don’t give a rat’s ass that Mitchell’s your godson (or whatever! Wait… What’s that? He’s a Mets’ fan? Holy sh1t! Back up the Brinks truck , Rosey, and get him, already!

Vicious Verlander

Justin Verlander has 12 wins. That’s TWICE as many as Max Scherzer and Jake deGrom combined. He is 39. Maybe, just maybe, J-Verls is what the Mets aces can be for the next 2-3 years. One can dream, right?

Speaking of dreams, leave yours below and come back tomorrow for dream-maker Junoir Blaber.

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