Big Ben: Yankees Beat Mad Max & Co, Dan Jones Looks Sharp, Becton Goes Down Again

"Mad Max who?" -Domingo German

Bronx, NY: It wasn’t a great matchup on paper, but the reeling Yankees found a way to beat the Mets, despite a massively beleaguered bullpen. And let’s check in on the Giants and Jets.

German Defeats Max: Spurs Sweep

After winning last night, the Yanks evened the season series by sweeping the two games in the Bronx. Monday’s game set the tone, though… Domingo German has been a walking reminder of how Cashman got abused at the trade deadline. Jordon Montgomery, and his 4 wins and 0.35 ERA, has been killing it in St. Louis and should have been starting in this spot. But the Yankees decided to give him away for an injured defensive center fielder. I’m still scratching my head over that one. Scherzer vs German and a decimated bullpen seemed like an easy one for the Mets. But… (Cliché Alert):

That’s why they play the games
You just can’t predict baseball
You don’t play the games on paper

I couldn’t believe it when I saw Loiasiga coming in to close on Monday. The guy has been awful. But these are desperate times with key pen cogs King, Holmes, Green, Effross, Castro, Britton, Abreu all on the shelf. Woof, that’s rough.

Giants Omens

I turned on the Giants preseason games vs the Bengals. The Giants ran a 4th and one hand-off and the announcers thought they picked up the first down. But after a curious re-spot, the measurement came up short. First down Cincy. Oh boy, it’s gonna be a long season.

But, and I know it’s just preseason, Danny Jones looked sharp in this one. He only had two incompletions, including an interception that bounced off the hands of rookie TE Bellinger. It’s good to see he’s picking up right where Evan Engram left off.

Jones looked decisive and accurate throwing to guys named David Sills and Collin Johnson. Fire it up, let’s go Giants! Maybe? Hey, the Bengals had 4 wins two years ago and then went to the Bowl. A boy can dream.

Jets Injuries

Knees not cooperating

I predicted a good year for Zach Wilson and he immediately got hurt. I’m still learning to control my powers. Luckily it wasn’t as bad as first feared.

Mekhi Becton fractured his kneecap and is out for the year. That guy might go full Greg Oden, I’m glad the Giants didn’t take him. If Zach doesn’t start the season, the Jets should ride or die with Mike White. There’s no way Joe Flacco should see the field outside of an emergency.

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