Big Ben Tuesday: New York Sports Frenzy with Mets, Yanks, Giants, Jets, Rangers

NEW YORK, NY – We’ve got sports a New York Sport Frenzy going on, with the Mets getting bounced, the Yankees playoffs starting up, the shocking 4-1 Giants and 3-2 Jets, and the Rangers kicking off their season. What’s a boy to do? It’s tough to decide, so I’ll just talk a bit about each.

Mets Get an Earful from the Pads

Halloween is still a few weeks away but it was an eerie (ear-e) situation in Flushing on Sunday. Do you hear what I’m saying? It’s hard to know for sure what to make of Musgrove’s suddenly-improved spin rates on all his pitches. Twenty years ago we would have just concluded he was on that day. But in this age of instant feedback the internet sleuths were out there wondering why that ear was all sorts of greasy and his pitchers were spinning like never before.

Thanks to ClutchPoints for the pic.

But someone posted fast forwarded footage of his whole outing and he never really touched his ear, even after getting a new ball. If that slime was used to cheat, it’s hard to see how. If that was Red Hot, as Andrew McCutchen speculated on social media. I’m going to put some of that stuff on my undercarriage before my next hockey game. Cuz it worked! 

Watch for a massive overreaction now from Cohen when the only thing that prevented them from winning the division and beating the Padres may have been Scherzer’s oblique injury.

Da-bollin’ in London

What a difference a coach can make in the NFL. You could argue that the Giants’ roster is less talented at this point than last year. Their two stud first-round picks are finding their way, and they lost Bradberry to the hated Eagles. Most of their secondary and receiving corps have been lost to injury. But Daboll, Wink & Co are getting the most out these no-names and rejects.

If you look at the schedule, it sure looks like this could be a playoff team. They’re five-point dogs to the Ravens this week, but after that their toughest games will be against divisional foes Philly and Dallas. The spread should be within a field goal for pretty much all of the other teams as this point. Saquon is reborn and Danny Jones is not getting pushed out of town without a fight. They were down to two waiver wire pickup starting CBs who had never played a down in the NFL, and they somehow held off Aaron Rodgers. Let’s go. 

Saleh Taking Receipts

I don’t want to make t00 much out of the Jets win against a third string QB. But between Sauce, Breece, and Garrett, this team has some future stars. You’d better recognize Coach Saleh has the receipts and he’ll get at you if you want to talk trash about this team.

The schedule looked brutal going in, but if they can’t get through the next few games in decent shape, they could be headed for a big second half. If Zach is the guy, that is. 

Yankees vs Guardians

This is an interesting match-up. The Guardians are a contact team that doesn’t walk, strike out, or go yard too often. But they have some young stud pitchers on the top of the card and they seem pretty pissed off that some Yankees fans threw garbage at a few of their outfielders back in April. Not our best moment.

The Yankees bullpen is in shambles and Aroldis Chapman still didn’t even make the first round roster. We may see some Taillon in a set up role. The starters are really going to need to perform in this one for the Yankees to move on. 

High Hopes on Broadway

Henrik_Lundqvist, New York Rangers, Goodbye, Meet_The_MattsLet’s not forget about the mighty New York Rangers, kicking off the season tonight. Hopes are high after a deep playoff run. Kaapo Kakko has looked strong in preseason and could be primed for a breakout year. Vitaly Kravtsov, the disgruntled Russian, is a big wild card. He’ll start the season on a line with Panarin and Trochek, which did not show a lick of chemistry in preseason. Let’s hope they figure it out.

What an exciting time for New York sports! You know… except for Mets’ fans.

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