Bored Guy’s Soccer World Cup Review… and Trevor Bauer

QATAR – From the Something Different Department, here are today’s topics: Bored Guy’s Soccer World Cup Review… and Trevor Bauer

Soccer World Cup

I’m not a soccer fan but I’m also not living in a cave, so I am somewhat up to speed on what’s going on in Qatar’s Soccer World Cup.  The tragic sudden death of CBS Sports reporter Grant Wahl, 48, who collapsed as extra time began in the Argentina-Netherlands game on Friday night, is at the top of the list. Awful stuff. His brother is claiming he was murdered for wearing a rainbow shirt there, supporting him – as he is gay. Let’s hope that’s not the case, as it would really mean our collective doom is that much nearer. Wahl did say he was having chest tightness and had been battling colds and a lack of sleep, so it looks like it may have been a natural thing. Let’s hope so. Either way, it’s a tragedy.

On happier note, the people of Croatia got a much-needed and deserved lift, as their guys bounced the Boys From Brazil. Sure, Neymar & Co vastly disappointed their nation and the team will likely need to go into Witness Protection. But hey, Brazil has great weather, beautiful beaches and sex during coffee breaks. AND GODDAMN, you gotta be happy for those Croatians. F U Vlad.

Turning to football… The Dan Marino and Jim Kelly of futbol (See what I did there?), Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, have one last shot at hoisting the Vince Lombardi Jules Rimet Trophy. How the fack anyone named “Lionel” can be one of the world’s all-time most revered athletes is beyond me. Who’s the next big soccer star, someone named Myron?

Who to root for… Adopting the global rugby mantra of A.B.E.Anybody But England – yours truly wants France to bounce all the King’s men… to see Argentina advance with the aforementioned Messier Messi and and it’s all the way for Croatia for me, baby!

Since Portugal lost to #Morocco , I’m rooting for the short guy named Lionel, who was cursed out of the gate with those two characteristics, to beat the male model in the final.

Now for MLB Hot Stove news

Wondering why the Dodgers are seemingly taking it on the chin this offseason? So was I. Then it dawned on me – after looking it up… It was herpes that kept them from courting and flirting at the Winter Meetings! In this case, the gift-that-keeps-giving, took its form in the near-forgotten organ that is Trevor Bauer. You remember him, he’s the jerkball that teased Mets fans and played Steve Cohen, before THANKFULLY taking L.A.’s big free agent dollars. See, he’s back and he’s prepping for his suspension appeal in the coming weeks. Consequently, the Dodgers are left faffing about, awaiting the arbitrator’s decision. He/She can alter #MLB commissioner Rob Manfred’s punishment for Bauer, the largest non-lifetime ban in league history. If just a portion of Bauer’s suspension is overturned, it will cost the Dodgers money against the competitive balance tax figure. For me, it’s just the Curse of O’Malley. Hey, L.A., Next time use a condom when you get in bed with sleaze.

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