World Baseball Classic, Aaron Rodgers Defined by One Word

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Greetings from a wintery-mixed Indy, home of the Pacers, Colts and a lot of stuff drummed up to get people to come here. Cars, high school and college hoops, all kinds of conventions have people to this pedestrian-friendly town. The powers that be have done a great job reclaiming/reinventing old, classic buildings, and you can’t NOT want to drink a beer and watch sports in all the pubs and restaurants. You can walk to the football stadium and basketball arena, too, and both are cool-looking, brick and glass structures that blend in – you hear me Meadowlands Eyesore? Anywho, another thing that can bring you to this little jewel of sports town is… rugby! That’s right, Major League Rugby. What’s that? There’s no pro team here, you say? Well, you’re right, but the studio for remote broadcasts of the matches is here! That’s why yours gratefully is here – well, I’m at the airport now – so I’m no longer down town. Anyway, let’s get to today’s topics: World Baseball Classic, Aaron Rodgers Defined by One Word

World Baseball Classic

I happened upon this in my room after calling the Chicago Hounds vs the Toronto Arrows. The visiting Arrows beat the host Hounds on a drop-goal (drop-kick) in a snowy rain, which was blowing somewhere between vertically and horizontally. Indeed, Sam Malcom, one of the smallest guys on the pitch, scored all of Chranta’s 27 points, which was just enough to beat Chi-Town’s 26 points. Cam Purcell, who was feeding me phrases to use on air, can tell you more about the match. Yet I digress… Back in the room, I curiously clicked the WBC while channel surfing. The USA was playing Great Britain. (Empire Complex, much?) Why the frogging bunk tile the Brits get to combine countries in competitions is beyond me. It’s even more suspicious because the countries, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can’t stand each other… What was cool, though, was that guy named Cooper was pitching for Team GB. He hadn’t pitched in a competition of any sort in 11 years, yet here he was, striking out the likes of Trea Turner after staring down Goldschmidt and Trout. Fun to watch, this thing is… particularly after Venezuela beat the Dominican Republic. Our own Buddy Diaz refers to Domincans as “Dumb In A Can,” FYI.

Aaron Rodgers Defined by One Word

Here’s all you need to know about Aaron Rodgers, summed up in a quote after his meeting with Jets owner Woody Harrelson Johnson:
“It’s always interesting meeting important figures in the sport. That’s all I’m giving you. Stay tuned.”

He said, “sport.” Only douches use the term sport, unless you’re Stephen Colbert, who does it on purpose. This d-bag will wilt like Kyrie under the NYC spotlight. Watch.

That’s it, boarding now.


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