Deion Sanders v Taylor Swift, No-Comment Scherzer, 50-Second Must-See Clip

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BOSTON, MA – With college football percolating, rumors being cooked up re the MLB Trade Deadline and plenty to talk about, a few things stood out for sharing with you today. Here they are: Deion Sanders v Taylor Swift, No-Comment Scherzer, 50-Second Must-See Clip 

No-Comment Scherzer

Facing the press after you cough-up a 3-2 lead by allowing FOUR HOME RUNS in FIVE INNINGS, with your team needing EVERY win, is not fun. That’s understood. When you are being paid north of $40,000,000.00 PER SEASON to never do that, however, you have to face the music. Striking a chord, one could refer to Fenway dingers as Boston Pops (forced pun), especially when Max Scherzer was facing the music after his poop pitching performance in Beanton last night. The gripe here is not that a Mad Max skipped the grilling, it is about how he answered questions that got my goat. He actually said that other than the four homers, he felt good about the body of work. Sound familiar, Tom Glavine? It should. You sh!t the bed in your must-win 2007 start, with only 0.1 of an inning, 5 hits, 7 earned runs, and two walks. No, Scherzer wasn’t as poop as Glavine, but what he wouldn’t say, wouldn’t comment on, really got me. When asked about accepting a potential trade he said,
I’m not commenting on trades. I’m just not. I’m here to win with the Mets. Nothing else.”

Well maybe helping the Mets win means trading you, Max. Nice eyes, guy. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, d-bag.

Deion Sanders v Taylor Swift

Welcome to the Pac-12 Conference, ladies & germs, home of outrageously silly comments. The Commissioner of this under-siege college football conference had a few doozies, but one was an exaggerated proclamation of epic proportions, the kind that should subject him to random drug testing. Granted, George Kliavkoff is trying to save his conference with a new media deal, on the heels of UCLA and USC moving to the Big Ten next year.  So what did he do? He simply proclaimed that Deion Sanders, who has injected some pizzazz into the Colorado football football program, has star power on par with Taylor Swift and Beyonce. He also [allegedly] said that Meet The Matts was more influential than ESPN. Preposterous proclamations are as readily accepted as sub .240 Batting Averages. Take a bow, America.

50-Second Must-See Clip

Hey… 50 seconds won’t kill you. Have a look.

P.s… Watch the Arnold Schwarzenegger docu-series on Netflix. It’s good.

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