Memo to Yankees: Bye-Bye Blake… Hello Berrios! Hector Berrios, That Is!

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Hector Berrios: Bring Berrios Back to The Bronx!

TAMPA, FLWhy stop there? With the Yankees firing so-called hitting guru Dillon Lawson and hiring a ex-legit hitter in Sean Casey (who actually pounded Major League pitchers), it’s time for another change. Since you can’t fire all the players for under-performing, the next termination should be that so-called pitching coach, Matt Blake. Blake, who is known as the guy who constantly covers his mouth as he instructs the pitchers in front of large noisy fans, needs to go.

His ANALytical methods, and constant in your face theories towards his pitchers was so evident in Domingo German’s recent perfect game. Even though German completed his gem, Blake failed to let his pitcher be between innings. Blake was seen all over the YES telecast shoving a clipboard with bullsh!t that came out of the ANALytic buttheads, who are employed by the Yankees hierarchy.

If they need any help hiring a pitching coach, those higher-ups need to check out some YouTube videos of a guy named Hector Berrios. Berrios is a Bronx-Bred native who pitched eight seasons for the Detroit Tigers, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Chicago Cubs organizations. He also coached pitchers for over twenty years in the Minor League systems including the NY Mets, and Philadelphia Phillies.

Whenever Berrios name is mentioned to the pitchers he tutored, a smile is formed on their faces as they remember his philosophies and towel drills. Berrios was let go by the Phillies organization as they chose the ANALytical route over the old school methods of this former lefty pitcher who’s been beating the bushes his whole baseball life.

Upon being let go from the game he loves, Berrios authored an instructional book about his pitching methods titled, Unleash the Pitcher in You. He recently earned praise for tuning up the one time untouchable Aroldis Chapman. A few tweaks to Chapman’s delivery have produced the results that once made him an All-Star closer. It can all be viewed on YouTube, where Matt Blake can see for himself what he couldn’t fix.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

Berrios can be found in his residence of Coconut Creek, Florida, where he is available for the numerous pitchers that reach out to him for help. His methods are well known to aspiring and pro pitchers. The Yankees better not drop the ball on this one because Berrios will soon get snatched up. Their bullpen coach, ex-major leaguer Mike Harkey, who takes a back seat to the so-called pitching guru named Blake, needs to be told to call Berrios in for an interview. It seems that Harkey, who is the last holdover coach of the Girardi Era, and who also was drafted ahead of Ken Griffey Jr., is only valuable in picking up the bullpen phone to get pitchers warmed up.

If a guy like Harkey, who was a first round draft pick and pitched in the bigs, doesn’t qualify to wear the title of pitching coach, then the team needs to hire outside the box, like they did with Casey.

At this point the Yankees have nothing to lose by bringing Berrios to the Bronx.

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