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SARANAC LAKE, NY – Way up here in the spectacular Adirondacks, yours truly is once again working the rugby circuit, so you all can tune in tomorrow and watch the live stream of the Can-Am Rugby Tournament! F’ yeah!!! To bridge that gap in your sports entertainment Saturday schedule, here are your lifeline nuggets: Mets Fire Sale, Meddling Max Scherzer, Best Sports Programs

Mets Fire Sale

You have one valuable pitching asset to trade. You have 4 days to pit teams against each other for that asset. You take full advantage of that and get the best deal. That’s what a savvy MLB GM does. Then there’s Billy Eppler, General Manager of the New York Mess Mets. He is the individual that still employs Daniel Vogelbach. He is the person that traded JD Davis – a player I said over and over again to just let play – for Darrin Ruf. He also brought in Mychal Givens… But that was last year. This year he kept Vogie, and added Gott and Leone in the pen. He brought back Cookie Carrasco, jettisoned Bassitt, and paid two 40-year-old pitchers 40+ million each for two years. A catching prospect and shortstop prospect for one of the better late-inning pitchers in the 2023 season makes no sense – unless you’re trading Lindor and the 21-year-old Francisco Alvarez. This all begs the question: Am I missing something here? 

Meddling Max Scherzer

These are the quotes from one of the aforementioned 4o Million Dollar Men, Meddling Max Scherzer, re the David Robertson trade. Granted, his salary affords him saying things others would know better to not say:
-“I wasn’t gonna comment on this till Steve [Cohen] was gonna sell. We traded Robertson. Now I need to have a conversation and I will.”
-“Look where we’re at in the standings. Our record is our record. Obviously, the front office has decisions to make. Steve has decisions to make.”
-“We’ve got to understand what the direction of the organization is gonna be.”

Heck, Justin Verlander is making the same coin, yet he knew not to comment. Hey Scherzer, your team isn’t the New York Max; it’s the New York Mets. Stop meddling and pitch.

And now for the…

Best Sports Programs

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