Dizzy Rizzo vs Ryan Church, Mets Playing Like P*ssies, Classless Max Scherzer

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NEW YORK, NY – It’s a beautiful day in New York City as we enter a time of rising temperatures, NFL training camps and battles for playoff spots in Major League Baseball. And while yours humbly sits in the car for Alternate Side Parking duties, writing this as Cam James is MIA and Different Matt had an early tee-time, here’s what we’ll be looking at: Dizzy Rizzo vs Ryan Church, Mets Playing Like P*ssies, Classless Max Scherzer

Dizzy Rizzo vs Ryan Church

Anthony Rizzo, the likeable 1st baseman for the New York Yankees, has undergone a dizzying decline. Now we may have a reason, as the Stanks just placed the former Wonder Cub on the IL for post-concussion symptoms. But get this; he suffered the concussion BACK IN MAY. As someone that has had double-digit concussions, yours truly is flabbergasted by this. We’re supposed to be in the Age of Concussion Enlightenment, yet here we are – if we believe the Stankees about this injury – with some egregious player management. If this is all true and not just a case of Rizzo simply sucking – like he has since donning Pinstripes – then this is the stuff of my younger days, folks, when we giggled at guys wandering around thinking they were Batman. Heck, just ask Ryan Church about this. In 2008, Church was emerging as serious MLB hitter. One of those .300 types that is as rare as self-awareness is these days (I’m looking at you, yoga-pants wearers). Church had Spring Training concussion that was actually treated properly by that Amazin’ Mets medical staff. Not kidding, he said they were great with that instance. But in May, while breaking up a double-play, he got kneed in the head, which knocked off this helmet. His head smacked the dirt and he needed to be helped off the diamond. A few days later, though, the Mets had him on their flight to Colorado. Catastrophic mistake. The guy still isn’t right – TO THIS DAY.

Back to Rizzo… If he has been playing with concussion symptoms all this time, the entire Yankees staff should answer in court. It would be criminal. If he just sucks and they are grasping at straws like they did when a 70 year-old Randy Johnson simply showed his age, despite visits to top vascular surgeon, George Todd, then Brian Cashman needs to answer.

Mets Playing Like Pussies

There is no crime in losing games after your team trades away key players at the MLB Trade Deadline. When it comes to the current New York Mets, however, getting swept to one of the sh*ttiest teams in baseball is unacceptable. There are still some very good, highly-paid players on their roster. Where is the fire? Where is the leader? I’ll tell you this – it ain’t Buck Showalter. He defaulted to bringing up positives about a 9-2 loss. What a bunch of p*ssies. Grow a collective pair and start grinding and scrapping. BRING IN BACKMAN.

Classless Max Scherzer

Justin Verlander and Mark Cahna handled leaving NYC as well as anyone has – EVER. Max Scherzer, on the other hand, was an absolute douche about it. Good riddance, Max, hopefully the door hit you on the way out.

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