Sports Rain Man: Weekly Mets Update, Jets v Giants And Track World Championships

NIAGARA FALLS, NYHappy Monday! I never lived in the suburbs, so owning a house seemed fun. It is no longer fun, as I have to hand pull weeds again this week. As for today, the topics are: Weekly Mets Update, Jets v. Giants And Track World Championships.

Weekly Mets Update

The New York Mets suck again. After giving people hope last week that they were going to play better with less pressure on them, the Mets returned to being disappointing. They lost the series to the Braves, and then lost the series to the Angels. Against the Braves, they split the first two games, before they lost the rubber game. Against the Angels, they lost the first two before they had to come back in the 9th to win the 3rd game. After last week where they pushed themselves to be within striking distance of .500, they have dropped to 11 games under. They may not need to buy a bag of new aces, but they do need more capable arms. The pitching has not been there. A staff of reliable pitchers has to be a priority. A lot of teams can bank on the bats but the pitching is where it’s at.

Junior Blaber

Jets v GiantsĀ 

The annual Jets versus Giants preseason game happened with a little more spice to it because the two teams meet later this season. The most popular player in New York sports right now, is possibly Aaron Rodgers. For the first time in about 10 years, he suited up and played in a preseason game. Playing seemed to be more for his teammates than him; it was a key dress rehearsal. He didn’t let the kids down as he capped a great drive with touchdown throw to Garrett Wilson. As was pointed out by one of the announcers, Wilson won Rookie of the Year without competent QB play. It’s going to be exciting to see what he can do with with a QB that can play.

The Jets offense inspires confidence but really impressive was the defensive line. The amount of pressures and disturbances they were able to create were impressive. The Jints looked confident later in the game versus quarterback DaVita. I could provide thoughts on how the Giants performed – but you know I’m not interested in them, so I’m not going to.

Track World Championships

If you only watch track and field during the Olympics I suggest you add the World championships to your list. This year’s World championships was full of so many insane moments – good and bad – that it was definitely worth watching. The USA made news in the discus as well as the 100, 4 x 100. Jamaica showed they are not going away… Great Britain raised some eyebrows, and in the long distance events there were a few new names and returning stars that shined.

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