Big Ben: Jets Defeat the Undefeated Eagles, Giants Fall Short, Flags Flying, Rodgers Healing Quickly

In a world of "what ifs" - Aaron Rodgers, Brian Daboll...

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – Another nutty NFL weeks is in the books, chock full of upsets and infuriating refereeing. The Jets gave their fans some hope with a shocking win over the Eagles, and the Giants almost followed suit against the Bills. Let’s jump in.

Giants Fall Short, Spiraling Downward

Looks like a foul to me

If the Giants had pulled out that win, with the Commanders, Jets, and Raiders on deck, they would’ve had a longshot path to 5-4. A loooong loooong shot path, but a path. They got hosed on the last play but you can’t complain too much when you don’t score an offensive TD in three games. I’ll be right back, I have to puke again. Instead they’re on the path to Caleb Williams.

Justin Pugh “straight from the couch” helped them to their best line play in weeks. That’s not saying much, I know, but does anyone know what Bart Oates is up to? I’m surprised Pugh went for it. Playing on the Giants’ O-line sounds about as appealing as the new Covid booster.

Tyrod didn’t exactly light up the scoreboard, and the audible at the end of the half was unfathomable. But at least he was executing the game plan, getting the ball out quickly to Wan’Dale, Waller, and Slayton. And the defense really played well. I’m looking for some bright spots in what’s gonna be a bloodbath of a season.

Jets Pull One Out, Rodgers Speed Healing

I was really hoping Zach would have a chance to lead the team down for the winning score. But a Jalen Hurts meltdown pick led to an easy Breece TD and Wilson’s skills were not needed.

His skills may not be needed after week 15, when speed healer Aaron Rodgers could miraculously be available. The word is, a new “speed bridge” technique used in the surgery is speeding things along. I gots to get me some of that stuff! Maybe it will help me skate faster and help grow my… Er, forget that last part.

Giants’ Bound?

At 3-3, perusing the Jets’ sched, it isn’t a stretch to find nine wins, which probably gets them in. Man, if they could get a re-do on that Pats’ loss. But things could get interesting if Aaron’s record-breaking recovery pace continues and Zach can play well enough to get some more wins.

Flags Flying

The roughing the passer and the hit to the head penalties are making football less fun. At this point, they should just play flag football with the QB. Almost everything is a penalty. Bobby Okereke was called for slightly bumping into Josh Allen and there were at least half a dozen head scratchers. Also, have we considered how hard it is make tackles while avoiding the constantly moving head? They’re taking the soul from the game.

Speaking of the soulless, Angry Ward is here tomorrow.

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