Sports Rain Man: NFL Round-Up, Jets vs Eagles, Bills vs Giants

NIAGARA FALLS, NYHappy Frogging Monday! Stop the presses! I had another big weekend in Fantasy Football. I was up against another guy having a bad season BUT Travis Kelce, the KC Kicker and and Raheem Mostert helped me cruised to victory. Anyway, here are the topics for this week: NFL Round-Up, Jets vs Eagles, Bills vs Giants.

NFL Round-up

The Chiefs won ugly against the Broncos, who are having a rough season… The Ravens got a solid win against a feisty Titans team… The Commanders held off the Falcons, while Angry Ward’s Vikings got their season back on track against the rival Bears… The Bengals climbed back to .500 by upending the Seahawks, while the Cleveland Browns shocked the league by completely stifling the the previously undefeated 49ers in rout to a big win… The Texans upset the Saints, while the Jaguars easily rolled the Colts… The Dolphins attack remained hard to stop on the way to beating the Panthers, while the Raiders added to the Patriots misery… The Rams also helped get their season back on track with convincing win against the Cardinals.

Junior Blaber

Jets vs Eagles

Woooo Hoooo!!! What a game! I mean, what a game!!! This Jets defense is gonna go down with the greatest ever. I am talking Purple People Eaters, the Steel Curtain, No-Name and that Ravens D. The Eagles were undefeated and rarely turned the ball over, but the Jets D forced 3 interceptions and 1 fumble. This team was missing its starting corners DJ Reed and Sauce Gardner. The Eagles defense was tough, going into the game, they had yet to give up a point off a turnover made by their offense. The offense took advantage of the the turnovers for two field goals and a turnover on downs. The final one resulted in a TD and 2-point conversion. That was what was wild.

The Eagles had the ball with 2 minutes left. On third and 10, one of the Jets’ cornerbacks (who they had to pull of the practice squad) got an interception and ran it to Eagles 8-yard line. QB Jalen Hurts could have just thrown it away. I was telling myself to not imagine another miracle punt-block or kick-return for a touchdown… because that is life as a Jets fan.

Granted, Zach Wilson is still not a good QB but he is becoming competent Рand that is the key. The Jets would love more touchdowns but setting up 4 or 5 field goals a game is what the Jets need. The Defense can hold teams to 17 or 20 or less and the Jets can win each game.

Bills vs Giants

Wow! That was far closer than it should have been for the Bills. Of course, when these two teams meet there is always thoughts of their Super Bowl match-up. Funny enough, the Buffalo kicker missed a crucial kick wide right. The Giants, behind that shaky offensive line, but led by Tyrod Taylor, played lights out. (Journey-man Taylor is one of the top back-up QBs in the league  and started for the Bills a few years back). The Giants were actually up 6-0 going into the 4th quarter before Buffalo finally woke up and scored two converted TDs to win the game.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for Big Ben Whitney – who will be lamenting another disappointing Giants loss.

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