Big Ben: Giants Season in Shambles, Who is the Next QB – Williams, Penix?

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ/ NFL ARMPIT – Sometimes my dog eats rabbit turds, napkins, and socks. Then he pukes it all up. Then he eats it all again. Watching this disgusting display is immensely preferable to watching the offenses of our New York Giants and Jets. I’m going to focus on the Giants today because I don’t have enough negative superlatives to cover both teams. Blek.

Ben McAdoo Two, The Electric Suckaloo

The Giants went 11-5 under Ben McAdoo in his first season in 2016. They had signed free agents Damon Harrison, Olivier Vernon, and Janoris Jenkins and it was a rousing success.


Then Odell, Cruz & Co took a picture on a boat. They got waxed by Green Bay, and McAdoo never recovered. He was 2-10 the next year and was canned after submarining Eli’s iron man streak… for Geno Smith, as you may recall. Is Daboll on the fast track to McAdoo City?

Get a QB

Daniel Jones – Tommy DeVito – Danny DeVito

After poor Danny Jones’ devastating injury, the Giants will have an opportunity to draft a QB. With Tommy DeVito under center, it is likely the Giants will not win another game. In all likelihood, Jones will be cut after next season. The Giants were smart to give themselves a relatively painless out in Danny’s contract after two years. With is work ethnic and intangibles, Jones might deserve better. But in the words of old west legend William Munny, “‘Deserve’  has got nothing to do with it.” And he’ll have an $80 million consolation prize.

Mama’s Boy

So who is gonna be the guy? USC’s Caleb Williams has been considered the top prospect in the draft. But the red flags are really piling up. First off, he supposedly wants an ownership share of the team that drafts him. What the? This is also known as the A-Rod Clause. 

Not ideal

Saturday night the Trojans lost a barn-burner to Washington. Caleb put up numbers and played well in the game, but made some key mistakes late, including a fumble and a bad sack that took them out of FG range when they were down three. But the capper came after the game, when Williams was spotted literally crying in his mother’s arms on the sidelines.

Record scratch.

One impressive Penix

Now, I’m a sensitive and affectionate fellow, and I don’t mind men showing emotion. But a QB has to be a straight up assassin. Dead calm in the eye of the storm, with a quiet swagger. The ideal emotion in that moment was anger. Crying to mommy is not what you want. He also has a ton of fumbles in his career.

Hard pass.

Other Top Prospects

There are apparently some big time prospects in this upcoming draft. This includes another QB, Drake Maye of North Carolina, a couple of stud O -lineman, and Marvin Harrison Jr, son of the great Colts Hall of Famer.

At this point I wouldn’t mind one of the lineman. I know they need a QB, but it doesn’t matter if Johnny Utah is under center. You can’t win with the O-lines the Giants and Jets are putting out there. The is a reason well-run teams like the Eagles draft lineman on both sides of the ball year after year.

I Want Penix!

Coulda been one of the greats if not for a Rose Bowl  knee injury

The opposing QB in USC’s loss to the Huskies was Michael Penix, the lefty who just became the Heismann favorite. He in an offense that loves to throw it, though the running game exploded against USC. With three games to go, Penix has completed almost 70% of his passes, with 26 TDs and 7 picks, and has thrown for over 3,200 yards. He was impressive. Bo Nix of Oregon is another top QB prospect.

Anyone but Williams.

That’s it for me. Come back tomorrow for Angry Ward.

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