700 Million Dollar Advice to Americas Youth After Shohei Ohtani Deal

WHITESTONE, NY – A message to all the youngsters in the United States. Put down your phones and wake up. There is money to be made if you are willing to develop a routine and work up a sweat. If a guy from Japan could command a ridiculous figure to hit a baseball… so can you.

On my daily trips to the park, I noticed that I am the only one there. No one else is using the basketball courts, the baseball fields, the running track, or even the park bench. Last weekend the temperature reached an almost sixty degrees for the month of December. There was no type of outdoor activity anywhere.

The foreigners are taking over the professional sports landscape, and commanding huge paydays. You have to appreciate their passion for the game. They work on their craft while the youth of America are occupied with TikTok and Instagram and video games. Their focus is on how many views they can generate instead of how many reps they can get in the gym. Their high is smoking weed instead of making solid contact with the sweet spot of the bat, or connecting with swish shots through the rim.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

We’re talking about a player [Shohei Ohtani] who in six seasons has driven in over one hundred runs only once – with a career .274 batting average of when he’s not pitching, to become the highest paid athlete in any of the pro sports, it simply translates to one fact. Idiots who never played the game are running the show.

To the youngsters of America: don’t be idiots. Put the phone down. Stay away from the weed and develop a routine. The are scrubs out there batting under .200, or missing three-point shots at a ridiculous percentages, who are getting paid millions and millions of dollars.

Get your eye of the tiger focused and maybe you can become the first trillion dollar player.

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