Sports Rain Man: NFL Eye-Catchers, Jets vs Dolphins, Cowboys vs Bills, Giants vs Saints

NFL Eye-Cathers: Sean Stellato, James Cook, Dak Prescott.

NIAGARA FALLS, NYHappy Monday! It was another wild weekend of NFL action, along with the start of college bowl season. It feels like every year they add another bowl you never heard of, like: O’Greasy’s Slop-Bucket Bowl. Anyway, enough of that mini rant. Here are today’s topics: NFL Eye-Catchers, Texans vs Jets, Bills vs Chiefs and Packers v Giants.

NFL Eye-Catchers
1) The Los Angeles Chargers fired Head Coach Brandon Staley and you have to wonder how he held on so long. He never looked ready for the gig. After blowing a big lead last year in the playoffs, why did they bring him back? After losing as badly as the Chargers did on Thurdsay, he should have been fired as soon as the game ended. Maybe they waited until the plane touched down in LA.
2) I did the math and 10 games had starters that were not the opening day starts, with another 3 finishing the game due to injury or lack of performance. The NFL salary cap may have to be increased so teams can afford to have quality back-ups. At least teams need to budget for it better… unless you’re the Jets.
3) The Super Bowl winner will come from the AFC. The conference is stacked and there is a log jam of teams trying to make the playoffs. I feel the AFC will provide a more battle-tested team.

Jets vs Dolphins
This game was ugly. I followed the play by play for a short time. Trevor Sieman Siemian finished the game at QB and he had better stats than Zach Wilson. The offensive line played poorly and the defense had an off day. The D gave up more than it should have, but that was likely because they were constantly on the field. The Jets offense couldn’t get to eight plays before punting the ball. I am now leaning toward Aaron Rodgers playing just so the Jets can finish the season with a couple of wins and go into the off season with a little hope and positivity for next year.

Cowboys vs Bills 

Bond. Junior Blaber Bond.

Let James Cook! Well, his last name is Cook, so it works, right?¬† However, he had a big game and so did the Buffalo defense at home, as the Bills aret on a mini roll. They may be start playing their way into the playoffs. Josh Allen looked like the old Josh Allen, and he made sure to find Stephon Diggs in key moments. However, this was James Cook’s day, as he lead the Bills in rushing and scored a TD receiving, too. It was not even close all game and for a top team, Dallas struggled with the Bills’ pass rush, and couldn’t open holes. I won’t write them off, but that looked like a Cowboys team that we’ve seen shrink in playoffs. Let’s hear what martyr Grinding Ax Walt has to say.

Giants vs Saints
The league knows how to bring you back to Earth and fast. Tommy “Cutlets” DeVito looked like a rookie undrafted QB trying to make it work. He was sacked SEVEN MORE TIMES and they couldn’t get the offense going. The defense didn’t play badly (it’s an adverb) overall, but the offense couldn’t get anything started and that eventually wore the D down. The Jints still have weapons and DeVito has potential, he just needs an offensive line to give him time.
Thanks for reading and come tomorrow to hear from Ben Whitney, who’ll still be hungover after his Rangers beat Cheesy Bruin’s Bruins in Boston.
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