Barkley Jumps Ship, Giants Get Back To Roots, Are Johnnies Dancing?

HOLBROOK, NY – Hello again everyone. We have important business to discuss. Let’s get into it: Barkley Jumps Ship, Giants Get Back To Roots, Are Johnnies Dancing?

Barkley Jumps Ship

There is nothing worse in sports when one of your favorite players decides to leave your favorite team.This move, although it makes sense, still undoubtedly stings for many Giants fans… including myself. Barkley gave the Giants a glimpse of hope in some dark moments, notably in one of Eli Manning’s final seasons. He had a terrific season when the G-Men finally returned to the playoffs a season ago.  Saquon won Offensive Rookie of the Year and reinvigorated some hope and excitement into a once-proud franchise. I think most fans were okay losing him, though. It’s who he left for that stings, Buddy Diaz’s Iggles.

It feels like a slap in the face for him to be so openly happy about signing with a divisional rival; prancing around on Twitter X, re going to that ****hole, and leaving Jints fans with a sour taste in our mouths. 

Giants Get Back To Roots

It was not all bad on Monday afternoon.The giants swung a trade for star pass rusher Brian Burns – formerly of the Panthers. The Giant teams who won Super Bowls were designed to do one thing – pressure the quarterback – and do it often. With guys like JPP, Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora, those Big Blue teams had an identity. The current team is hoping to find one. The addition of Burns, along with Dexter Lawrence, Azeez Ojualri  and Kayvon Thibodux gives the Jints a three-headed monster to rush the passer and hopefully get back to where they once were. 

Are Johnnies Dancing?

Jackson Sternberg

They just may be, as the St John’s Red Storm beat the Seton Hall Pirates 91-72. So you can put a bow on their NCAA tournament resume! Last week we discussed the possibilities of missing the big dance or what seed they might be. Well, yesterday the Red Storm left no doubt as to where they would be playing. After a throttling of the Bucs, the Johnnies (barring something unforeseen) should be hearing their name called on Selection Sunday for the first time since 2019. But that’s on Sunday. Rick Pitino’s group has a chance to even further improve their seeding with a win – or a close loss – to the top-ranked Huskies. With the new measurements of how teams are selected and what metrics the committee uses, it would behoove the team from Queens to NOT get blown out, and keep their strong “Net” rating inside the top 40. According to most bracketologists (nerds), the Red Men Red Storm could be anywhere from an 11 to a 9 seed. But if they can pull off an upset tomorrow, who knows how high they can climb.  

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