Angry Ward Wednesday: The Bottom Line on the NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL, Ponies and More



Bronx, NY – Every single day there is sh!t going down in the world of sports and life in general that does not wait for our precious schedules. Even when you’re trying to stay on top of it all, it’s an absolute losing proposition. Because when you try to make time for everything, you’re pretty much short-shrifting the whole lot. And so it goes these days with the NHL and NBA playoffs in full swing, baseball heating up, the NFL draft about to take place, horse racing’s Triple Crown under way, and me (and everyone else) with not near enough time to take it all in and still lead some sort of productive life. In the interest of boiling things down to the basics, here’s the bottom line on what’s happening.

NHL Playoffs. I’ve actually been able to see more of the NHL playoffs this year than I have the past two or three combined. This is probably attributed to Minnesota advancing past the first round and our friend Cheesy Bruin telling me what friggin’ channel is showing what game in this whack-a-mole arrangement the NHL has with cable tv. My club ousted Patrick Roy’s Colorado Avalanche in round one, which was great. However, they are well on their way to a quick second round exit at the hands of the Blackhawks, but that’s okay. At least they aren’t blaming their losses on a “brutal schedule” like Rangers coach Alain Vigneault. By the way, isn’t complaining about being tired as anti-hockey a statement as you can make?
Bottom Line: The Wild are toast, but I’ll stick around as long as the Rangers and Bruins stay in it. You can have the west coast games. Speaking of which…

NBA Playoffs. I just finished watching my Golden State Warriors lose to the LA Clippers in the first round. Even though it went seven games, it wasn’t the series I hoped it would be. It was sloppy, it was predictable, with both teams losing just a single game at home, but most of all it was a sideshow to the whole Donald Sterling mess. And by the end, those west coast 10:30 start times were killing me, particularly because my kid likes waking up with the birds.
Bottom Line: I’m done with the NBA playoffs and will instead tend to watching the inside of my eyelids.

Baseball. I’ve been out to a single Mets game this year and my brother has attempted to get me out to at least two others, but watching from my couch seemed like a better idea than watching in rain and 40-degree temps. That being said I think the Mets have been pretty darn entertaining thus far and the Mariners swept the Yankees, which was fun.
Bottom Line: This season might not be all that bad after all. And watching baseball is better than waiting for the…

NFL Draft. Raise your hand if you are sick of the endless hype and lead-up to this year’s NFL draft. Who’s gonna take Johnny Manziel? Where’s Jadeveon Clowney going to end up? What loser are the Raiders gonna draft? How many mock drafts must I look at before my head explodes? I love football, but I’m getting tired of all of this crap. The worst of it, though, will be tomorrow night when we get exposed to every jabbering jackanape that ESPN has to offer, save Stephen A. Smith (I hope). Bottom Line: I will say this, it is kinda Manziel’s draft. The longer he goes unpicked, the more entertaining it will be. The minute he comes off the board it gets a whole lot more boring, except for waiting for the collective groan that goes up from Jets fans when they draft Johnny Mitchell Jr., Johnny Lam Jones III, or one of Antonio Cromartie’s kids.

Horsies. I missed the Kentucky Derby last Saturday for the first time in as long as I can remember. What can I say? We were invited to a party and sometimes social interaction trumps sports. I did my best to get a bet in, calling a friend in Virginia, only to be informed that their OTB parlors are temporarily out of business as well. He said he’d try to put it in his online account. I never got word if he succeeded. Nevertheless, I gave him a three-horse exacta box which promptly finished first, third, and fourth, with me out of the money.
Bottom Line: I won’t be missing the Preakness or the Belmont Stakes. In fact, I think I’m going to head out to Belmont this Saturday just to knock off the wagering rust as well as knock back a couple of beers. Anyone interested?


One Final Thought. Yesterday I saw a rather large-proportioned woman walking down Broadway wearing a blouse featuring a lovely domino tiles pattern. Bottom Line: If you are fat and are wearing a shirt with dominoes, you’re pretty much asking for it.

Tune in tomorrow for another Podcast and Big Al Sternberg/Fake Sandy Alderson.
Bottom Line: Short Matt’s tireless promotion of them is annoying, but the Meet The Matts Radio podcasts are funny.

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Wednesday: Angry Ward, who has admirers at the NY Times, is the quintessential angry sports fan but one exception… he’s flat-out funny. And the angrier he gets, the more amusing his work becomes. Psychiatrists say, “Angry Ward’s ‘anger’ is a direct result of “Bronx/Mets syndrome: growing up in the Bronx as a Mets fan.” As if that weren’t enough, his Minnesota North Stars abandoned him for Dallas, forcing him to embrace The Wild the way conservatives embrace Mitt Romney. While the Vikings tease him incessantly with flirtations of success, the Golden State Warriors, “Don’t have a enough short, white angry guys but I don’t dislike them… that much.” A-Dubya is MTM’s longest-tenured indentured servant, its Larry David and quite simply, The Franchise.

  • jgclancy

    Don’t be hating on us fat people. Okay…maybe a little is deserved if ya wear a shirt like that. At least it wasn’t a Dominoes Pizza shirt!
    Horsies…on Saturday…count me in…I prefer Sundays but that is Mother’s Day and people have obligations.
    I played bar trivia last night and didn’t even think to look at a tv to see any scores.I think I’m sports’ed out for May…..unless it’s the Sport Of Kings @ Belmont.
    GO A’s! Hope they won last night. I have no idea…

    • AngryWard

      My Mariners (or lowly Mariners as you refer to them) beat your A’s again last night… handily. I think I could have made bar trivia last night dagnabbit. More on Belmont later. I need to recruit the Cheeseman and others.

      • Your Mariners. You Putz… Stop Smoaking the angry stuff!

      • Cheesybruin

        Ward, got a Communion for my youngest to attend. The exorcism was successful so they’re doing the first sacrament the same week. Imagine that! THERE WILL DEFINITELY BE A MTM “DAY AT THE RACES” OVER THE SPRING/SUMMER.

        • AngryWard

          They still let you in the church? Boy this new Pope really is liberal.

          • jgclancy

            Short Matt should be glad it’s not a baptism or he’d be getting the Moe Greene treatment.

      • jgclancy

        My A’s just took the lead on your lousy Mariners but will the A’s imitate the Mets and blow it late? Stay tuned to this same Matt Channel!

        • jgclancy

          Yeppers…The lousy Mariners just beat my A’s again. Just saw the Mets ending….tell the center fielder to get in position to throw home next time…just awful the way he didn’t get behind the ball and be coming forward for the throw…..

          • AngryWard

            The Mariners are really playing a lot less lousy of late. They didn’t even get a quality start from King Felix. Worry not, JGC, I have seen this movie before. The A’s will pull away from the pack in August, like always.

          • jgclancy

            Game 2 – A’s up 2-0 on them L.Mariners I think only the Mets could blow a double header.

          • AngryWard

            and you were right.

  • MartyStein9er

    The Nets and Mets both lost. Went back and forth between games and
    realized my teams are done. At least one made the playoffs. Maybe next
    year the Mets won’t be done before the NBA Playoffs are half over.

    • Marty… We were doing the same thing but came to the conclusion that we
      simply get angry watching Bartolo Colon and what he represents. The
      Nets, they are intriguing but they are the Messier/Gretzky Rangers…
      They have no chance but you keep thinking Father Time can be rejected.
      And next year – they are a Mets… um, mess…

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  • grindingax

    Good anger in today’s offering. You covered most everything and added some fashion police sh# as well.

  • WestCoastCraig

    She was only asking for it if there was a whole line of them.

    I’m interested in joining you at Belmont, but I don’t think I can catch a ride there. How about you come out to Santa Anita for a very special Mother’s Day. If it rains, it can be a Mudder’s Day…hey-ooo!

    • toby12

      Can I steal that? haha

      • WestCoastCraig

        it’s yours!

    • AngryWard

      Craig, I just assumed that everything was walking distance from your house.

  • vinny from brooklyn

    the mets are going to lose again. marlins have two on in the ninth and no body out.

    • AngryWard

      aaaand… the Mets lose.

      • GrindingAx


        • FakeSandyAlderson

          Not the least bit surprised Mets wasted another good start. I am a little surprised that Mark Jackson was sh**t canned in Oakland- though, we can’t really be that stunned here in NY. Seems the owner’s name is Joe Lacob. It could be just a coincidence that the “Assistant General Manager’s” name is Kirk Lacob, but it sounds like another Lucky Sperm winner is convinced he knows more about Hoops than a New York guy who’s been in the game for almost 30 years. Old story here in NY with the ‘brenners, the ‘lans, and of course, the ‘pons.

      • Tall Matt

        How ’bout them bats? Coming alive I tell you. The worst is ANOTHER good start down the drain

  • Randy Levine

    Oh oh domino, all right. Roll me over Romeo, there you go. Lord have mercy.

  • Junoir Blaber

    Belmont without me won’t be the same.

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