The Interweb – For better or worse, the site is back up and running. Since we’ve come back online, the usual suspects have been conspicuously absent. Most of them probably just thought the site was gone for good. The rest, I think, just saw their opportunity to sever all ties. No such luck for me. The Matts have me handcuffed to my computer feverishly typing to meet my deadline. Lets take a butchers hook at what’s been going on this week since most of you were deprived of your only news source when News Corp hacked this website.

If you haven’t heard, we’re kind of in the middle of a heat wave. Temperatures are set to hit triple digits today in New York. But nothing has been hotter that the Hot Stove over in Queens. K-rod was shown the door last week. Shipped out to beer soaked and sausage stuffed pastures in Milwaukee, for a bucket of old batting practice baseballs and a gently used rake.

Now Carlos Beltran has his bags packed. With about ten teams interested in the undoubtedly talented, yet oft-injured outfielder, the Mets will probably make a deal well before the trade deadline. The Red Sox and Phillies are said to be the major interested parties in a Beltran trade. While the Mets trading Beltran could and should be seen as the white flag being hoisted high, I don’t think they’ll trade to a rival in their division. Then again, I’m almost always wrong in these things so we might see Carlos suit up for the Phils or Braves by tomorrow.

On the other side of town, the Yanks are coming back to town after a so-so road trip. The Bombers are still looking for a starting pitcher. The starting rotation, after CC Sabathia, is iffy at best.They’re in the hunt to land Ubaldo Jimenez from the Colorado, but the Rockies’ lofty demands seem to be a hang up. Colorado is looking for 17 top prospects, a 20% stake in the YES Network, a solid gold statue of Babe Ruth, and the Arc of the Covenant in return for Jimenez. Yes the Arc is hidden under Yankee Stadium. It’s being examined by top men. Top men.


Other than that, not much has happened this week. The NFL and NBA players are still locked out and I still don’t care. News Corp is still hacking everything they can (they’ve even hacked your brain and your refrigerator). Rupert Murdoch is still denying knowledge of any skullduggery. Meet the Matts is still kicking about, and I’m still handcuffed to the computer. Thankfully my word count limit is rapidly approaching.

The Public Professor tomorrow…


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