Blaber’s Blabberings: NCAA Organized Crime, A-Rod, Putin and Gaylimpics

Follow the Money!!
Follow the Money!!

El Barrio, Bronx, NY – Guess who got the eagerly anticipated MTM Writer’s Booty Call. You know, all the fun supermarket-aisle-clean up without the joyous longterm commitment of a gulag. Speaking of Russians, cleanliness and forced labor, yours truly has a lot to blabber about today because the NCAA Crime Family is still trying to claim amateurism, A-Rod feels picked on and Vlad (the Impaler) Putin makes it known that the act which we may never speak of translates in Russian.

First up is the Nobs Crooks & Asshats Association, who were ripped apart by none other than long-time supporter, Jay Bilas. Bilas took to the soapbox (Twitter) to shed light on how the cartel will suspend players for selling their autograph or apparel but has a link on their webpage that let’s you search for uniforms by player name. The jerseys don’t have a player name on them but if you are wearing a Texas A&M #2 jersey, we know you are repping Johnny Manziel. The school and the NCAA get the money, while the kid is told to study hard and enjoy his free education. Even suspended players for NCAA infractions like Shabazz Muhammad and Tyron Mathieu were up on the website. We use the term “were” because they were quickly taken down.

It is not well known but former NCAA star and pro basketball player Ed O’Bannon is on the verge of suing for compensation for players; possibly for while player is active but more likely after their eligibility is completed. This would pit Basketball and Football players against the other sports at a university. Those two sports bring the fans, recognition and boosters. But the lawyers and judges are often from sports like lacrosse, soccer and field hockey. The children of the judges and lawyers play the latter 3 sports, so it is the same old black kids v white kids, poor kids v rich kids. Stay tuned.Honey badger

Okay, let’s segue to Alex Rodriguez, who is being treated.. unfairly. He is not likable and cuddly like Derek Jeter or holy like Mo Rivera, so people are glad he is suspended. But not me – I am outraged on his behalf!! The NFL gives guys 4 weeks or 1/4 of the season, so why the excess? It’s not because he lied – it’s because baseball is an old person’s game about image. Mark McGuire is forgiven. So is Sammy Sosa. But Barry Bonds and  A-Rod aren’t/won’t be, since the have the charm of a rattlesnake. MLB looks the other way when a lead-off hitter like Brady Anderson leads the league in homers but then when the jig is up, screams sacrilege. The fans love the long ball, chicks dig the long ball, so just allow it. Your old records should be moot with no black people playing, yet there is no asterisk next to Mickey Mantle‘s 56! Give it up.

NCAA Czar? Nyet.

As the coach (and therefore a member) of New York’s only openly gay rugby team, I try and pay attention to news that affects the gay community. Way back in July of 2013, Vlad Putin signed a law banning the adoption of Russian-born children to gay couples and to any couple or single parent living in any country where marriage equality exists. Czar Putin also signed a law allowing police to arrest tourists and foreigners suspected of being gay or pro-gay and detain them for up to 14 days. But there’s more... Penis-Party-Pooper Putin also signed a bill classifying “homosexual” propaganda as pornography, with vague wording that could subject anyone arguing for tolerance or educating children about homosexuality to arrest and fines.

Oodles of outrage and finger-wagging have been the response in this more tolerant part of the western world. But the boldest move is that some gay bars have boycotted Russian vodka. No more Stoli and Red Bull for yours truly! Now, what shocks people is that it is so in-your-face and dismissive. But it ain’t just the Ruskies. In January 2 guys got sentenced to 5 years in jail in Cameroon for looking gay and ordering a Bailey’s. Imagine how much time Angry Ward and The Public Professor would get!  That’s 3rd world craziness, though. Russia is supposed to be somewhat normal. To get them up to speed, let’s stop the outrage about The Olympics being in Russia. If #1 Human Rights Violators China and Nazi Germany could host, then so can Homophobic Russia. There is big money on the line and when you get The Olympics, you help the whole city and country. We all need to accept that some people have not evolved as we are.

That is it for now, feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for more blabberings from Different Matt.

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