Meet The Matts Radio: Mad Dog and Bobby V on Yankee Hats, LeBron, Stephen Drew, Whacko Fans

LeBrons Homecoming Heat Cavaliers BasketballNEW YORK, NY – With Cookie crumbling under an avalanche of stuff, we’re flying solo today – naked really – with our latest Meet The Matts Radio Podcast. Today’s topics:

LeBron Back To Cleveland: Could it be? Are the rumors legit or is just a slow news week in sports? Bobby V puts the questions to Mad Dog in Dog’s Bad Job/Not A Bad Job feature.

New Yankees Hats: Great or God-awful. Did even Derek Jeter look silly in a Yankee hat?! Bobby V has strong opinions on this and the get-ups he was forced to wear managing the Mets.

Adam Silver: Next U.S. President? Mad Dog goes crazy with this one, invoking Mark Messier (?) in his argument.

Stephen Drew: Dumbest Free Agent Ever? Another Bad Job/Not A Bad Job segment that has Dog piercing eardrums over the Boston Red Sox re-upping the wayward shortstop for 10 million dollars – 4 million less than the original offer.

Crazed Fans: Are the likes of Bald Vinny, Cow-bell Man, Ernie The Mets Tie Guy and the late Freddie Sez exceptional fans or certifiably insane?

All of the above answered/hashed out in 6 fast minutes with the help of a reluctant Bobby V and gracious Mad Dog.

Junoir Blaber, tomorrow.

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