Meet The Matts Radio: Bobby V Lobbies for Mets Job, Mikhail Prokhorov Blasts Knicks

technical-difficultiesMTM HQ – Ladies and Germs, apologies for delay while we dealt with some “Cobert-like” Technical Difficutties. We’re trying to overcome a perfect storm of S-H-!-T to get the latest gem of a Meet The Matts Radio segment up for your ears’ delight…

In today’s bit, Bobby V openly campaigns for Mets Mangager Terry Collins‘ job in an expletive rant and Mikhail Prokhorov, the Russian owner of the Brooklyn Nets, declares war on Jim Dolan and Phil Jackson.

Again, we’re sorry for the delay, but anyone having information on the whereabouts of Tall Matt, who has allegedly pulled key cables here in the Engine Room, should hash-tag us toute suite! Or is that Tweet sweet???

Regardless, or “irregardless” if you’re Mike Francesa, here’s today segment:

Feel free to free-style your sports thoughts below and be sure to tune in for Junoir Blaber, demain. Merci.

P.s… A Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to Big Al Sternberg and Fake Sandy Alderson!!!

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