Blaber’s Blabberings: Jeter & Alex and Hot Knicks

Leonard NimoyEL BARIO DE BRONX – Yours truly, Deacon Blaber likes to give praise. Mostly, I praise the Almighty, but occasionally it is parcelled to a few mortals. Today is one of those occasions. With that, hold my hand and look to the heavens as we praise and  gives praise Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Leonard Nimoy, Adrian Peterson and the NY Knicks.

Alex Rodriguez: I could kiss the guy, I tells ya! At the pizza place and things get awkwardly quiet? Just ask about A-Rod. At the gym and some guy goes on about his job to the point your not sure what to say? Just bring up A-Rod up in conversation and your good to go.

Spock and Kirk laughDerek Jeter: It appears in NY, you can’t talk about A-Rod without talking about Jeter. It is not that A-rod was not praying for greatness. However, Yankee fans talk about his Class and leadership, while guys just admire his ability to date and bed some off the hottest women, married or single, celebrity or not, while living in the media capital of the world.

Adrian PetersonAdrian Peterson: A proper decision was rendered regarding AP’s appeal of his NFL suspension. As expected the federal judge said the NFL judge ignored all proper laws and agreements, which we all knew since an NFL lackey was judge of his NFL appeal. Anyone with half a brain cell knew that there was no way, the NFL’s decision was not going to stand up in federal appeal.

NY Knicks: They won game eleven last night and I shed a tear. It was not a tear of joy, however, as I now owe Angry Ward and JG Clancy a meal. Damn you, Phil Jackson and your over-achievers!

Spock and Fred Mertz Baseball Meet_The_Matts
Manager Fred Mertz & Spock, lower right.

Finally, Leonard Nimoy beamed to his final resting place, yesterday, after living and long prospering. He died of POCD at the age of 83 and said it was because of his years of smoking. But he looked great to the end and quit smoking over thirty years ago. At 83 he was doing public appearances. If I’m a smoker, he’s not exactly talking me out of it. Spock did live [pretty] long and prospered. Just sayin’…

Here is a condensed version of Nimoy’s favorite Star Trek episode, Amok Time. It’s where Spoke first used “Live long and prosper.” Oh, and he kills Kirk.

Mama Blaber: Since everyone loves hearing about what my mom thinks, I will add her opinions in more. She was not surprised that Selma didn’t win anything at the Oscars. I reminded her, it won for best song. Her words were “they (i.e., white people) don’t want to watch a movie that reminds them of how they treated black people. You must be fooling yourself. They love our songs, they always do, going back to Nat King Cole. They feel better about themselves for giving award that was no big deal.”

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin, who must be giddy about his Bruins beating the Devils in OT last night.

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